Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Cedar City #2

Again, I know that this will probably mean nothing to most of you and probably won't make any sense, but they are great memories nonetheless. Probably a little embarrassing, not only to me, that I am putting them on our blog, but.....o'well:


1. Remember when Camille's dad came down to Cedar for a funeral and we all piled in the back of the hearse and he took us to dinner at Shoney's?
2. That Ridiculous Elmo voice that we all did, but from some reason, Ali couldn't do it.
3. Demaree doing the Blossom dance in the Family area.
4. Ch Ch Ch Charlie (because of his fast growing curly hair)
5. Becky writing a history report for Charlie at my kitchen table. Charlie offending Becky, Becky grabbing the salt shaker and saying something like, "I am going to take this salt shaker and shove it up your A%*!" Then proceeding to tear up the report. Charlie was so pleased with the report he wrote himself, he bragged to Becky, "I got an A- on the report that you didn't write for me." Becky saying, "Oh, that's unfortunate, I could've gotten you an A!"
6. Writing letters to Phillip and his roommates up at the Y.
7. When me and Camille went to the jewelry store on main street and got the top of our ears pierced.
8. Helen farting in my car and my car reeking for a week.
9. My PEZ dispensers.
10. Me, Camille, Adrian, Alison and Becky in my Hyundai driving home for the weekend. Ali looking at my speedometer and noticing that I was going 110 mph and saying "HOLY SH%*!"
11. Camille borrowing my car to go tanning. On her way to tanning, she saw a dude having a heart attack, so she pulled over to help, while she was giving him mouth to mouth some dude said to her, "Um, your car's on fire."
12. I got a Migraine headache. I had to go to the wellness clinic to get a shot in my butt. Luckily Camille was with me, because I barely made it back home.
13. Getting pulled over on the way home. Camille and Dem were with me. When the officer ask me what was going on, I said, "Oh, nothing, we are just on our way home for the weekend from SUU, listening to Michael McClean."I BAWLED my way out of the ticket. The police officer actually ask me to come and sit in his car with him, I was so scared, but hey, I didn't get the ticket.
14. Driving back to Cedar City in a Major Storm. I broke out in a cold sweat! Demaree was bugging the hell out of me so I told her , "Shut the hell up!" Sorry about that Dem.
15. When we went Roller Skating, and we wore burger king crowns.
16. Camille trying to make Broccoli soup for home-making.
17. Me being obsessed with the Student Body President (what was his name?) and hanging pictures of him all over my room. And Jaime being obsessed with the VP. "Let's Rock the house man!"
18. Demaree being able to do any impersonation of anybody.
19. When we got our Christmas card pictures taken and when we got our other pictures taken. Does anyone have a copy of any of them. If so, I want one, I can't find mine.
20. Me and Camille walking (because my car blew up) to Albertsons to buy some groceries, passing Dairy Queen and decided to just eat there instead, then calling Adrian to come pick us up. We were so lazy.
21. Driving along on Main Street with Camille and I can't remember who else, Camille threw my little guy (that was hugging my rear view mirror) out the window. I stopped in the middle of the street and made her go get him.
22. Putting Ramen Noodles in Jaime's bed. That was mean.
23. Hanging up Condom Instructions on the main entrance to our building. And highlighting a particular word or two!
24. When we went bowling and every time Camille would bowl, she would do this funny little jump with her foot in the air.
26. Betting each other that when we came back from Christmas Break that Theresa would have an engagement ring from Travis. We lost.
27. Camille sitting in the hallway right up against the full length mirror to put her make-up on.
28. Camille sitting on the bathroom counter curling her hair (why?) and dropping the hot curling iron on her leg, and not realizing she dropped it for like five seconds. She had a huge burn.
29. Quizzing Demaree on American League and Major League baseball teams. She really knew her stuff.
30. Camille and Tom having a one on one basketball tournament because Camille was convinced she could be him. Did she? I can't remember.
31. Becky, Helen, Jaime and I going to Vegas and tipping the Valet guys $2.00 for parking my car. At every casino that we went to.
32. Hanging out at Donuts Plus (Sally place of employment) just talking and eating donuts.
33. Making Sugar cookies in our kitchen, but getting flour everywhere.
34. Going Christmas Shopping at the Mall in St. George, and on our way home (I think it was just Camille and I) almost hitting a dog! What the crap is a dog doing on I-15 in the boonies?
35. Wendy: "Are you leavin' us Dodd?" in her cute wiggly voice.
36. Kristie hanging a picture of a "fat" bride in her closet, so she would have motivation to loose weight! What the crap, she didn't need to loose weight, I think Dem took it down.
37. Why, why was Cedar city so freakin' windy?
38. Waking up early once to watch "Little house on the prairie" with Becky.
39. Setting the fire alarm off because I burnt some toast.
40. Becky and her peach smelling stuff to put on the lights. What?
41. The Achey Breaky heart dance at every freakin' dance that we went to!
42. Tying my hair in a knot on top of my head.
43. Demaree teaching me how to pull that ugly face, the one where you roll you lips in and lift your eyebrows and nose.
44. Me and Camille taking pictures of all you guys while you were sleeping. I am seriously laughing right now thinking of the one we got of Dem.
45. Sally's Apple IIe computer.
46. Theresa's brother's green levis that she cut off into some great shorts that I wore all the time. Thanks T.
47. I had to drop out of algebra because I sucked at it. I think I got one point on a test for putting my name on the paper that is 1 point out of 100.
48. I LOVED Kristie's laugh.
49. Camille and I in the bathroom. Camille on the toilet (pooping). Me on the counter (talking with Camille). As you all remember, we had tons of matches (even though we weren't suppose to). Camille was playing with them, she accidentally lit the toilet paper roll on fire. She threw it to me to put out in the sink. However, I was laughing SO hard, I couldn't turn the water on, so I was holding it under the drippy faucet. Camille was screaming at me to "turn the damn water on!" I finally got it on, and got the fire out.
50. Again, Camille and I in the bathroom. Camille in the shower (showering). Me on the counter (talking with Camille). Dodd came in, went to the bathroom and then washed his hands. As he was leaving, he said, "Toodles!" Camille responded, "Toodles!"
51. Sitting under the stairs spying on people.
52. Camille and I were gone one night, and you guys stringed our room, we couldn't even get in it. It looked really cool.
53. Camille and I only going to our theatre class on the day of a test. C'mon, it was at 9:00 a.m. that is really early.
54. After a long night of dancing I would wear my body suits on the outside of my pants.
55. Giving Valentines to each other. I dared Adrian to tell someone to go to hell in the one I gave her, and she did, me.
56. Curling Ali's hair for her first date with Kip.
57. Sally wanting SO bad to be bad. She decided to start swearing...it didn't work.
58. Demaree, Adrian, Allison and I going to JB's with Charlie and Stafford at like 11:00 p.m.
59. Becky being in love with Stafford.
60. Becky being obsessed with Snoopy(the dog from peanuts). She even took my snoopy PEZ dispenser hostage.

You guys, I don't know what is wrong with me. I don't know why all of these memories are flooding my brain. But I hope you have fun reading them. And I'm sorry, but I have a feeling that I am going to remember more too!