Thursday, July 5, 2007

Happy 4th!

We had sort of a crazy 3rd & 4th. The fireworks here in Centerville were at 9:45 p.m. on the 3rd. We decided to ride our bikes. We left our house at about 9:00 and made it there right on time. We sat right underneath them, so close in fact firework shrapnel fell on me. AWESOME. For being a small city, Centerville really has great fireworks. We left right after the fireworks were over, it was dark, the kids were a little nervous to ride their bikes home in the dark, but they did so good and only one fall, Piper fell while trying to turn a corner. We made it home safely.
The parade started at 9:00 a.m. on the 4th, again, we rode our bikes, we left our house at 8:30, and made it early. We had set chairs up the night before in front of the fire station under a tree. The parade was perfect, short, sweet and to the point, not to many advertising entries.

It ended at about 10:00. Then we went to the carnival at Founders Park, ate hot dogs and let the kids "go fish" Piper got a recorder and Teague got a pirate sword and patch.

They went down the big blow up slide a few times (which was free) and then we rode our bikes home. We got home at about 12:45 and crashed for a couple of hours.

We actually ended up riding our bikes about eight miles in the two days. I am so proud of the kidlets. They didn't complain the whole time. However Teague told Aaron "I don't think I like riding bikes anymore." We were a couple of blocks from home at this point. Teague wanted to go on a bike ride today (July 5th).

The evening of the 4th was really fun. This is the first year (in like 10 years) that we didn't go out to Sugarhouse park for their fireworks, but we decided that it is just too much effort, so we broke a long standing tradition, but started a new one that will hopefully last at least 10 years. Grandpa John, Grammie Annie, Grandma Wilma and Grandpa Paul came over at about 7:30, Grandpa John brought over some Brauts and some Kielbasas and we had some hot dogs. We started bar-b-q-ing at about 8:00. Maamaa and Grandpa Larry joined us at about 9:00 and we did sparklers and fireworks in the street. The kids had so much fun, and Piper told us that she had more fun this year than she did last year (at Sugarhouse park).

Here's to a successful fourth!!!


Valerie said...

Yes, it was a happy 4th. Thanks for letting me sit in the gutter with the Piper and Teague for the parade. I really enjoy helping them get their share of the tossed candy.

Corinne said...

What a great day! I LOVE a full holiday like that, especially when the weather cooperates.