Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Pioneer Days

The Pioneer Days celebration was not today (the actual day) it was on Friday and Saturday.The parade and Fireworks were on Friday night and the carnival at the Bountiful Park was on Friday night and all day Saturday. So, we went to the parade and sat in front of Deseret First Credit Union. Strange thing, this was the shortest Bountiful Parade that I had ever been to! It is usually SO long and drawn out you leave thinking you will never go to another parade again, however, it was only an hour long! Nice and short, sort of like the Centerville 4th parade. The kids didn't get very much candy, but that is okay, not much was thrown. They both got a frisbee and Piper got a stuffed penguin that she is sharing with Teague (in fact it is in the hall in between their rooms right now).

After the parade, Aaron and Teague went up to Bountiful Blvd to save a place for the fireworks while Annie, Piper and I went and got sandwiches from Blimpie to eat while we waited for the fireworks. The fireworks were a little strange this year too! Usually they are very good, but....the person or persons that were shooting them off must have had narcolepsy or something!! There were huge pauses between the fireworks, even during the Grand Finale there was a huge a pause.

The sunset was spectacular. I got so many pictures of it, it is hard to choose one.

Saturday I had an audition that lasted nearly the whole day because they did the initial audition and the call backs. My audition time was 11:35 when I was done, they ask me to go to call backs at 1:00, I didn't get home until 4:00! So, since I was all sweaty from dancing I took a quick shower and we made it to the last hour of the carnival. The kids were able to go fish at the fish pond, Piper got a bracelet and Teague got marbles. We all got a hot dog and of course drinks and cotton candy. We mostly went because we had to.....Tradition. It was a pretty good couple of days.

Saturday night we went to Grammie Annie's and ate cinnamon rolls, drank milk and watched T.V.. We try to see how much crap we can eat in two days: Hot dogs, Cotton candy, cinnamon rolls, soda, parade candy etc..


Valerie said...

Good job on keeping the family traditions going... Ypu are building great memories for your family to cherish.

Corinne said...

I miss pioneer days!! I meant to do something and when I actually realized it was the 24th, it was too late. DANG. Looks like you had a great time though :)

Unknown said...

I can't believe I missed you at the Parade. Did you see me? I was in the mean Ford Mustang (not a convertible) I threw candy out the west side window, I was squished in the back trying to get my hand out the window.