Friday, July 6, 2007

Teague & Momma time

So Aaron and Piper had "Piper & Daddy time" today, they went and saw "Nancy Drew." So, Teague and I had "Teague & Momma time."

We were going to go swimming at the new "outside pool" at the South Davis Recreation Center, but Teague decided that he wanted to go swimming with Daddy and Grammie Annie, so we had a change of plans. I ask him what he wanted to do instead and he said........."Have a bubble bath all by myself and go get a rainbow snow!" I thought it was hysterical since "Teague & Momma time" was going to be Teague doing something all by himself. So I filled the tub with luke warm water and tons of bubbles and he stayed in the tub for about 45 minutes having the time of his life.

When his bath was over, we got him dressed and we were off to get a Rainbow Snow (this is the only good link I could find). As I was driving over to our regular Rainbow Snow that we always go to (which I think is the one pictured - pretty sure), Teague said that he wanted to go to the one that is in the Albertson's parking lot by our house. WHAT A MISTAKE! How can they taste so bad? And they were a quarter more! It tasted as though they hadn't used the flavoring for a few years, then just decided to use it. YUCK! It was so bad that Teague dumped his out on the ground then said to me, "Let's go to the other one!"

Let me tell you, the one that we usually go to is delicious! The ice is marvelous, and they always put in extra juice I have never had a better snow cone. I always get sour apple. We will definitely have to get one later today to make up for the bad experience.


Corinne said...

I LOVE RAINBO SNOW!! Whenever I go to Utah, I crave it. You can't find anything like it out here. I remember whenever we saw one of those little blue huts in the parking lot, we'd always stop :)

Anonymous said...

mum do you suck him when you are alone in the bath?