Sunday, July 15, 2007

Skool Lunch

When I was a loan officer at the Z.C.M.I. branch of Deseret First Credit Union, I discovered Skool Lunch I had actually had their sandwiches before, only catered, so I didn't get the opportunity to order a sandwich to my liking, however, the sandwiches that I had had were excellent. I had also had some of their breakfast items but that was when I was a lot younger. My oldest brother, Drew, worked there and would bring home left over muffins and such. But I always thought that it was a catering only type deal.

A friend of mine, that I actually worked with at the Credit Union, and I try to go every couple of months, for old time sake! We went on Friday and it was delicious (as usual). Actually, Lacey is the only person that I keep in touch with from the Credit Union and she is one of my very best friends.

If you are in the area, I highly recommend this great little deli type place.


Valerie said...

Now that I work downtown, Skool Lunch is a frequent stop. I usually go get a cup of coffee there once a week... and while I am there, can't resist the muffins or cookies. Glad you got to enjoy it again.