Thursday, July 5, 2007

Piper & Momma time

Aaron and Teague had "Daddy & Teague time" today, so Piper and I had "Piper & Momma time." The boys went and saw "Transformers," Piper and I went Miniature golfing at Cherry Hill.

On the very first hole, I decided not to keep score since it took Piper about 16 hits to get the ball in the hole, but then an amazing thing happened! I helped Piper with her stance (which, by the way, I know nothing about any type of golf, or how you should stand), told her to hold her club the right direction, stand on the side of the ball with her feet together and swing, and every time she did it "correctly" she nailed it! She beat me! Even though we didn't keep score, I was sort of keeping score in my head. There were only two holes that I did better than Piper. I am totally serious! I have to admit, I was a little surprised at how crappy I did. I am so proud of little golfer.

On the way home, Piper took this really cute picture of herself. I promised her that I would post it here on the blog.

Maybe Aaron will do a post about "Daddy & Teague time."


Valerie said...

Piper probably gets her good golphing skills from Uncle Doyle. It must be rubbing off on her by just being around him... because we know it isn't from me! Way to go, Piper.

Corinne said...

I love mini golfing! I would take Sheely, but I would be terrified to hand Preston a golf club :)