Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Is what it looks like when Momma has the flu!

It's only fitting that after Teague's week long nastiness and Piper's eight day nastiness that I would get my fair share. It all started Monday morning at about 4:00, the shivers/jitters woke me up. Aaron's alarm goes off at 4:42, so I decided to wait for him to wake up, so after his alarm went off I said to him, "I think there is something wrong with me." YOU THINK?

We took my temperature, it was only 100.7, so I took some ibuprofen 800 mgs. at about 5:00. Aaron called one of the guys from work to see if he could have the day off to take care of me (Ohh), but no such luck, there were already two guys with the day off, so he had to go in, but he did work it out do he could go in late. So after finally falling back to sleep at about 7:00, Aaron got the kids up and to school. When I woke up again at about 9:00 I called my mom, and of course she came to the rescue picking up both kids and keeping them all day, literally ALL DAY, they were there until after 10:00 when Aaron picked them up. Why so late you ask? Well, Aaron had class.

I took tylenol/ibuprofen every three hours, but my fever never got below 100.3, the highest it was was 103.2. However to me the worst part about the flu is the chills and the sweating.

Tuesday, Aaron had the day off of work, luckily, because I kept him up all night with my moaning and groaning and near cursing (the worst word that I used was "suck"). But I wasn't as sick. My fever got up to 101.9 and it got down to 97.7. Spent the whole day in bed. I actually missed rehearsal! Any of you that know me, know that that is a HUGE deal. I'm pretty sure it is safer for me to be at home than at rehearsal to make other people sick.

In the picture there is my pain killers/fever reducers (tylenol, tylenol pm & ibuprofen), my phone, the thermometer, water to quench my thirst and a 44 oz REGULAR coke, because not only does it make me feel better but it is a staple in my life. There is a gas station here in Centerville, RB's Phillips 66, and they have the best fountain coke ever, so Aaron got me one.