Tuesday, July 22, 2008

All Good Things...unfortunately.....

Must come to an end.

"Captain Bree and Her Lady Pirates" was such a wonderful experience for Piper. This is actually why I haven't been posting much lately. During the day we would be out doing fun stuff, then at night she and I would be at the Theatre. Penny ask me if I would be willing to help the British Fleet Officers with their mustaches and Hair. Of course I said yes! And it was so much fun.

I look back and last year during Honk, I did a post almost everyday, but for some reason I slacked this year....sorry.

I am just going to post a few pictures with some captions. There are so many, but I have picked out a few that I like;

Ready to go on stage:

Teague feeling like he is part of it:

Some of the cast and crew

Some of the people that came to see the show, more people came, but I wasn't there at the end every night, so these are the pictures that I got.
Our bishop's wife and her three granddaughters

My kids' 'other family,' The Johnsons

MaaMaa and her little friend Anna

Grammie Annie, Aunt Val and Morgan

On Stage during photo call. Unfortunately I couldn't use my flash because they had a professional photographer and our flashes would interfere with his. So...these pictures are kind of crappy.

"Good Form" with Admiral Moore

Fencing with Fergus...Piper kicked his butt...she is part of the British Fleet...they are very strong men. This was so cute, because Mark (Fergus) is over six feet tall.

Closing Night! Final hugs for everyone. And, lots of tears.

Piper and Olivia (Captain Bree)

Piper and Penny (Artistic Director of Youth Theatre and Choreographer of Captain Bree)

Piper and Miriam, Markus and Mary. A wonderful family that was in the show

Piper with Robin and Isabella

Piper and Robin

Thanks to everyone for all the love and support during this crazy time in the lives of the Salazars! It was really really fun and I actually hate to see it end. Luckily they are doing a revival in November at Kingsbury Hall!!!!!


Tiffany said...

What a great experience for all of you. Sounds like fun - crazy, but fun.

Valerie said...

It was fun attending the show, Piper was great - what a swordswoman! Doyle and I appreciate getting some culture in our lives by being able to attend all the Salazar family plays.

Queen Mother said...

I can't believe how talented your kids are, at such a young age. You must be so proud!