Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Utah Arts Festival

First off, sorry about the lack of posting. The reason is...I have been reading the stupid "Twilight" series. It's funny, because I like them, but I don't think I like them as much as everybody expected me to or as much as everyone else seems to, however, there is something about them that makes you feel like you have to read them. I am only on chapter seven in "New Moon." I have to admit, I am struggling with this one a little bit....we will see....

I digress.....

Every year, we go to the Utah Arts Festival. This year, we went on Saturday Night, which was nice, because it wasn't as HOT, but it was SO crowded. I kept hearing that this was the best year yet, and I think it probably was, but there was a lot we didn't see because of the crowd. There were so many people at Library Square, you almost couldn't move. We did however get to see all of the booths, which is actually my favorite. And, of course, everyone got a prize, actually that's not true, I didn't, but I am totally okay with that.

Right when we get the the festival (or anything that we do together as a family), Aaron talks to the kidlets about "the rules;" Not talking to strangers, staying close to mom and dad etc....

Piper got a really great reversible skirt from an artist named Debora Brawley, her company's name is The Unbroken Circle. And let me just say, this website does not do her justice, her stuff is fantastic.

Teague got a little wooden train kit. He sanded it all by himself and his dad helped him glue, it was $3.00. He LOVES it.

Aaron got a really great spray painted vinyl record from an artist named Mason Fetzer.

There is a guy there every year that plays this weird instrument and the kids love to watch and listen to him play....every year, this is last year.

Ands someone that I look for every year at this Festival and at the Park City Arts Festival is Erin Westenskow Berrett. Her brother is married to my cousins daughter. (did that make sense?) Anyway, she is a fabulous artist, she won best of show last year at both festivals and she won it again this year at this festival.

We had a really great time as a family.


Corinne said...

Am I mistaken, or is your husband wearing MY FAVORITE KEEN FLIP FLOPS ON THE PLANET????

Aaron said...

Oh yes, they are. I have had them for about 3 years and they are great! I've considered getting some other pair but I don't think anything else could compare. Karlyn owns about 567 pair of keens because she loves them.

Steph said...

About Twilight, I didn't love the books either, but they were interesting. However, I think I skimmed at least 1/2 of New Moon. It was just way too slow and the action at the end of the book never actually occurs.

The third book is my favorite so don't give up. If you have to, just skim the second.