Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The 4th

It's funny that the holidays (the 4th & the 24th) are 3 weeks apart and I am about a week late from the second one! Wow, I don't feel that busy. I've kept the other blog up to date, but of course for some reason that one is easier to do because it doesn't involve as many decisions about pictures and all of the writing.

We rode our bikes to the fireworks on the night of the 3rd, actually, Teague rode on Aaron's lap on his bike (he has a low rider, so it works). Not only does Teague slow us down a bit, but there is something wrong with the training wheels on his bike and he isn't tall enough to ride without them. We sat in the same place as we do every year, right underneath the fireworks! I was really hoping for shrapnel to fall on me again this year, but I guess I was only lucky enough for that to happen last year. I love the Centerville fireworks, I love that we can ride our bikes and not fight with parking and traffic, and they are really good.

The next day we rode our bikes to the Centerville parade, another good thing, it is always short, sweet and right to the point, then to founders park for the carnival. The kids didn't do the slide this year, but we got a foam bow and arrow and foam swords. The kid in the picture with Teague is the son of a friend of mine.

When we got home, we did some stink bombs for the benefit of the kidlets.

As some of you may remember from last years post, we started a new tradition. We had a bar-b-q and fireworks at our house. This year, John, Annie, Gina & her friend Chris and all of the cousins came over. John grilled some amazing ribs and we had hot dogs and burgers as well. Teague figured out the when he did the robot while a fountain firework was going it looked really cool.

Anyway, the 4th was really fun.