Saturday, July 26, 2008

My Birthday Suprise!

Yes, I know my birthday was forever ago, but I haven't had a chance to write about Aaron's wonderful gift to me.

When he ask me what I wanted for my birthday, I told him that I wanted to do what we did for our Anniversary because it was so much fun.

Aaron had class on my birthday, so we didn't really do anything that day. However, he had told me the week before that he had made plans for the weekend following my birthday, and asked me if I could find someone to watch the kidlets from Saturday night to Sunday afternoon. So, I kind of figured that we were going to be doing to same thing.

The Johnson's (pictured with Piper in the previous post) were more than happy to take on the kidlets. The took them to a movie and dinner and also to church on Sunday morning. The kidlets LOVE the Johnsons. In fact they didn't want to come home when we went to get them Sunday afternoon.

Anyway, as I was packing my stuff, Aaron kept teasing me that we were going to go camping. I played a long...a little bit...but, you all know, camping and Karlyn (or even Aaron) DO NOT go hand in hand. He did mention to bring good shoes, because we were going to go on a hike, this for some reason I believed, so I put on some good shoes and socks. After we dropped the kidlets off, we went to Target to pick up some more games besides Blink. We got 59 Seconds, Toss Up and a Cranium game called Zigity that is a lot like Uno.

Ever since we got Blink about a year ago, I have been kicking his butt. So we opened 59 seconds first. Much to my surprise I really suck at this game, but Aaron doesn't! He kicked my butt, so he was thrilled. Toss Up is really just a matter of luck, and we only played Zigity once, it will be funner with more people.

Anyway....We got to the Bed and Breakfast, it's called Anton Boxrud Bed and Breakfast. I looked at Aaron and I said, "And I even wore my hiking shoes!" He laughed. We went into our room, it was the attic that they had converted into a wonderful room. The first thing we noticed (this is a little embarrassing) was that there was NO T.V.! But we figured out that wasn't such a bad thing.

We went around town and got our food from the same places as before:

Pot Stickers from P.F. Changs
Pomadorie Mozarella from Caffe Molise
Baked Cream Cheese from The DoDo
& Fried Pickles from The Garden

Back at the B & B we got our food ready and fired up a movie, Be Kind Rewind, on Aaron's Laptop and stuffed ourselves silly. Mmmmmmmmmmm, just thinking about all this food is making my mouth water.

We stayed up playing games and reading.......

In the morning, the Innkeeper and her husband treated us to a fantastic Breakfast. Fresh fruit and Banana Pancakes.

This was such a wonderful time. I would love to make this a tradition for Aaron and I to do on our Anniversary.

Happy Birthday to me!