Monday, February 23, 2009


What is wrong with this picture?

You may or may not notice, but they aren't finished and I thought they were. The entire time the kidlets were working on them, Piper kept saying things like, "They don't look the same as last year." and "Doesn't it seem like something is missing?" I didn't really say anything back, but I did think to myself, "yeah, they do look different."

So, the next morning when I was showing them to Aaron he said, "You forgot the tongue." Suddenly I realized something was missing! I said to Aaron "Oh yeah, it was a Hershey bar." Then he said, "A brown tongue? Are you sure it wasn't a Kit Kat?"
Yes, yes it was a Kit Kat, and yes, yes it was Aaron that noticed and remembered. I ran to the store a got some Kit Kats and finished them up. This is what they really looked like. Cute huh?


Tiffany said...

I see... You're one of "those types of moms." :) They are very cute. I am very impressed!

Jen said...

Those are WAY cute! I'll have to try to remember those for next year.

Karlyn said...

Tiffany - funny you should say that, because I am SO NOT that mom...I don't think I even wish I was.