Friday, May 9, 2008

Monday April 21, 2008

This was the day of Piper's guitar recital. She practiced so hard and was so prepared, her voice and her guitar sounded perfect at home.
She was the first to perform, she walked up on stage with all the confidence in the world, sat down and introduced herself, "My name is Piper Leah Salazar, and I will be playing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star."
She played her guitar perfectly. However, her singing was a little off, and I could tell that she knew it. I thought I even sensed the tiniest bit of nervousness from her little body.

When the recital was over we told her what an incredible job she did. I ask her if she was nervous (like I always do) and she said no. Of course, what was I thinking?

I didn't get any pictures of her up on stage playing, but these pictures are of her with her teacher, Gaylene, and waiting in her seat for her turn to perform.


Valerie said...

Our little "Star" in the making!

huntleygang said...

So cute! Love the pink guitar! I didn't know she taught guitar! Piper sure has many talents.