Thursday, May 8, 2008

So, it's been a year.

Actually, it has been a little more than a year. But, I thought that I would remind everyone of what has gone on the past year (and beyond) with some of my favorite posts;

Dirty Dancing
Cedar City
Just Watch...
Ahhh, the sound of silence
Do I look like this guy?
Like daughter
Theatre School for Youth (T.S.F.Y) (this is my all time favorite post)
Doula Certification
Autumn at Home
How many times can a 4 year old vomit in one hour?
Oh Baby!
Homer Zuckerman
My Sweet SEVEN year old
Our 11th Anniversary

It is May, a very busy month for us. Keep checking back for posts on our vacation and the week before!


Seesalou said...

i hope you are somewhere, having lots of fun. how exciting about the audition and about china! john higginson knows a thing or two about could ask him (he goes there several times each year). call me crazy, but i've never had the desire to visit asia. i'm not sure why. but you should totally go and tell me how awesome it was.