Monday, May 19, 2008

Teague's School Program

Wednesday Night was Teague's program, and Thursday night was Piper's. They were both usual. However, on Wednesday night, Aaron had class, Piper had her dance pictures, Grandpa Larry had High Priest meeting, Grammie was at cousin Morgan's program, so just my mom and I went.

Teague's was so cute, it was called, "Around the world in 40 minutes." They sang and/or danced the following songs:

Hello to All the Children of the World
Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star (United States) - A whole bunch of versus I've never heard.
Irish Jig (Ireland)
A la Claire Fontaine (France)
Kocka (Slovakia) - a students dad from Slovakia taught them this song.
Katiusha (Russia)
Kookaburra (Australia)
Epo I Tai Tai E (New Zealand)
Penguins (Antarctica) - Written by one of the kindergarten students and composed by the teacher.
Tue Tue (Ghana)
El Coqui (Puerto Rico)
Muy Bien Amigos (Mexico)
Ulili E (United States - Hawaii)
America, the Beautiful
Sandcastle Academy School Song
Hello to All the Children of the World

I love that the programs are short sweet and right to the point. Afterwards everyone met outside for creamies. These pictures are of Teague with his Teachers, Ms. Megan and Ms. Jana.

Then all of these ones are his friends from class...How cute are they?