Thursday, May 22, 2008


Really? He's five already? I know he looks like he is three, but he really is 5.

When I look at Teague, I can't help but smile. There is something about that little boy that just makes me smile, actually, it makes everyone smile. Everyday, at some point I am in stitches! He is so hysterical. Sometimes people ask me, "Is he like this all the time."


It is not a show, it is Teague. He is so genuine.

Not only do I smile when I look at him, but I see so much. I see a little comedian, I see an inventor, I see a hockey player, I see an actor that demands the stage, I see a brain constantly trying to figure "it" (whatever that may be) out. I see the twinkle in his eye. Here are a few things that I LOVE about my Teague:

His cheeks
That he is so smart
That he is so articulate
That he is so fun
That he is a good brother
That he is so thoughtful
That he loves his dad
That he is a thinker
That he LOVES Nally Chili
That he LOVES Strawberries
That he has a funny pinkie toe
That he sings the wrong (sometimes inappropriate) words to songs...intentionally
That he is a Rocker
That he is an awesome Hockey player, he really skates like the wind
That he prefers his hair in a mohawk (faux hawk)
That he has a fishy (birthmark) on his tummy
That he LOVES tape
That he makes me so tired
That is favorite toy is still MEEP
That he LOVES the color Orange
That he LOVES to cuddle with me
That he LOVES Jack Skelington
That he LOVES Iron Man and Spiderman
That he can stay focused for HOURS inventing
That he enjoys comic books
That he is a little bit morbid

One day he is going to have whiskers! And he is going to kiss a girl that isn't me! And he isn't going to have that cute little voice anymore. However, I knew when I pushed that little boy out that he was only going to be mine for a short time. I know that it is my responsibility to raise him for another woman. I only pray that I will do a good job. I pray that he will be a gentleman and a loving husband and father. I pray that he will always make good decisions that he can always be proud of. I pray that he will always be strong, true and faithful.

I also have to say here that I have a new appreciation for my mom. By the end of the day I am so tired, my Teague is so full of energy, always on the go. He is not bad at all, he is a GOOD kid. I've always asked, "How do moms with more than 2 kids do it?" Then...I think of my mom. Not only does she have 5 kids, but 4 of those 5 are boys! I cannot imagine having 4 little Teagues. I know that it would all work out, but 4 boys? All I can really say is WOW!


Valerie said...

Another great tribute to another great kidlet! Tell Teague Happy Birthday (late) for me and I look forward to seeing him this week-end and "wishing" him in person. I like that Teague likes morbid stuff. Never make your kids "color within the lines"!!!

Tiffany said...

Of course I remember you! Didn't you even come to Girl's camp with our ward one year? Fun memories... Do you have any contact with Janae? I don't think I ever knew who you married-I remember he worked at TCBY and my friend and I FREQUENTED that place in high school. Glad you found my blog. Isn't it awesome how small the world of blogging is? Good to see you and your family. Will certainly have to keep checking in.

The Daly's said...

Karlyn- Yep it is me. Your kids are darling and so busy. Amazing how we find each other in the blog world isn't it. Michelle

Queen Mother said...

I will tell you, since I have 3 sons, that they are not all full of energy. My oldest is not-he likes to read books, quietly play games, and help me cook. My middle is my energetic one; like your Teague. My youngest is another quiet soul. So I feel like I only have one "boy", if you go by the stereotype. =)

sara said...

Happy Birthday Teague!!

What a great post :)