Tuesday, May 27, 2008

First Day

After eight years at Workers Compensation Fund, Aaron said goodbye. His last day at WCF was May 12. His first day at Intelisum was today!

Let me just say that Aaron and I have had soooo much fun the past two weeks. After we dropped the kidlets off at school, we would go to gym and workout, swim or play racquetball. We would pick up Teague and then go do something fun. Also, Aaron's dad came and helped fix the sprinkling system (maybe this year our neighbors won't be embarrassed of our yard). I will miss having him home.

We are so excited for this new opportunity. After graduating with his degree in computer science last year, we have been hoping and praying for the right opportunity to come along, and it has. It is funny, all the pieces just fell right into place for him. It will be hard starting and learning a new job while working on his MBA (graduation May 09), but we know that the struggles will definitely be worth it.

Things about new job:

*Going into work three hours later and getting home three hours later. At WCF, he went in at 6:00a.m. and got off at 2:30. This new job, he'll be working 9-5 (what a way to make a living - Dolly Parton).
*We have to change all of our insurance stuff, luckily it all kicks in right away, so we don't have to pay for Cobra! (We've had to do that before...NOT FUN!)
*No wardrobe change...business casual. GOOD! No need to buy new clothes.
*He will work right by two of my favorite restaurants, Skool Lunch and Gourmandise (I will be doing a post on this soon) So he can bring me home treats!
*It is closer to home, however, he will hit rush hour
*It is something that he will enjoy doing.
*There is a lot of opportunity

Anyway, I am so proud of Aaron. So are the kidlets. Here's hoping for an enjoyable time at your new job!


Valerie said...

Congratulations to Aaron on the new job. Yes closer to home, but the traffic is not good. And "The Bakery"/Gourmandise is one of my favorite places to get a special dessert treat!

The Meier Family said...

Hooray for you guys! I love it when everything just seems to work out. I am glad to see all is well!