Tuesday, June 3, 2008

My Super Power

Ever since Piper was born, she had a bow or a headband on. As soon as she had enough hair, it was either in a mohawk (with a bow or headband) or a ponytail. If the bows ever fell out, I would have a nervous breakdown.
So, you can imagine how wonderful our lives became as soon as she had enough hair for me to do. Seriously. It has NEVER been an option at our house for Piper's hair not to be done. If it is a crazy day, it is at least in a ponytail, a cute one at that.
Aaron has always told people that doing Piper's hair is "My Super Power." It makes me feel good.
Anyway, for awhile now, Piper and I have been trying to come up with new ideas for her hair, Piper had the idea for this one. She named it (she names all of her hairdos), "The triple braid."

Now, the thing that is funny about this, is for a couple of months now, I have been checking out this blog I even have a link to it here on my blog. Before I went to bed last night, I checked my e-mail and my reader and on the same day (yesterday) that we did Piper's hair this way, she had done a post for THE SAME HAIRDO.
Piper has also bugging me for a few months to put pictures of her hairdos on the blog, and I never have, but I think I will start doing that. Then if any of you want tutorials I will do that, maybe even start another blog with just Piper's hairdos. What do you all think?


Marisa said...

Your super powers could be used at our house with 3 girls!! I've been reading that blog, too, and I've attempted some, but not too many. Maybe this summer I'll polish my skills- and discover my super power.

Corinne said...

Yeah, now that Sheely's hair is bobbed, I don't have to think about her hair! I love your do's though :)

LL said...

I'm with Marisa...I could use a little of that SUper power here. and I DO hair. My poor daughter looks like an orphan, quite often.
BUT, when she lets me do it, it's so FUN!
Try the french braid along the top section...(from ear to ear) like a head band. That's one of my favorites!

CBRushing said...

Hair is my "super power" too I actually have my own very small busniess making hair "beaus" (as I call them). My company is called Bleu's "Beau"s after my girls middle names (Cordelia Beau and Caroline Bleu), but I started it because I was tired of not having a bow to match every outfit they had. They are at this stage where they pull everything I put in out, but I just put it right back in. I think cute hair do's make a little girl even cuter! My company slogan is actually my life motto "Every girl should have a 'beau."