Wednesday, June 4, 2008

May Days Cont.

So, as I have been going back and looking at this time last year, we were busy. I have realized that May is our busiest time of year, even over Western Nut season. Had I known that May was going to be so crazy, I would have planned Teague's birthday for a different time.:)

First picture: Piper had her Tap and Jazz recital. This is a picture of her with her teachers, Shawn teaches Ballet and Tap, Shanna teaches Jazz, I don't know which on is which.

Second - fourth pictures: The kids and their cousins on Aaron's side, we had a bar-b-que at the park on Mothers day. Aaron can still rock it on the skateboard, even though he is old.

Fifth - Seventh pictures: Ballet recital. Piper and her class were Dew Drop Fairies. And Ms. Megan has been a teacher forever and knows Piper really well. And the licorice whip is Giuliana, Piper's very good friend and our neighbor.

Eighth and Ninth pictures: Piper's first day of Captain Bree Rehearsal.


Tiffany said...

Wow! Just reading your blog wore me out! You were busy! Your children are darling-love the hair. Just wish my girls had enough hair to actually "do."