Tuesday, April 22, 2008

British Fleet Officer

When I got home from doing everything today (busy freakin' day...argh), I checked my e-mail, and this is what I found:


I would like to offer Piper the part of BRITISH FLEET OFFICER in Captain Bree.
Please email or call the office to let us know if you accept.

We will be starting rehearsals the week of May 12.
Scripts and cd's will be available on May 5.

Once everyone gets back to us in regards to casting we will email the official cast list, a rehearsal schedule, and other info to everyone.

Thanks for auditioning!


So anyway, I said to Piper, "Do you want to do Captain Bree?"
"Yes, why?"
"Okay, I will let Penny know!"
She just looked at me, and I said, "you made it!" Then I read the e-mail to her. She was so excited that she called Penny herself and told her that she wanted to do it.

So...here we go again!


Valerie said...

Does this mean that we will have to salute Piper... I mean British Fleet Officer Piper whenever we see her, and do what she commands? Tell her congratulations and we are excited for her!

sara said...

Yay Piper! Congrats!