Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Little Girls, Little Girls!

Piper really really really wanted a slumber party for her birthday. After talking to a couple of moms I decided to try to talk her out of it, to my surprise, it was actually quite easy. I told her that if she had a slumber party, she could only invite a couple of friends, but if we did a "Late Night" party then she could invite all of her friends (still a lot). I also told her that we could have them come in their pajamas and it could be kind of like a slumber party. She liked the idea, so on the invitations we wrote:

*Come in your P.J.'s
*Well will have pizza, play games and watch movies.

She decided that she wanted a Tinkerbell party, so we went to Zurchers and found some stuff.

The party was scheduled from 6:00 - 10:00ish. Out of the 13 girls that were invited, 11 showed. One was out of town and the other actually got sick in the car on the way to the party. I Had ordered Domino's Pizza because they had 3 large pizzas with one topping for $7.00 each, so we had two pepperoni and one cheese. It arrived at about 6:10. After everyone introduced themselves to each other we got started. We ate pizza and had Orange Fanta.

After we were done eating, we played games. I had six games set up around the living room: Bendominos, Blink, Connect Four, Pick-up sticks, Jenga and Mancala. We spit up into teams and played games, after about 8-10 minutes at a game, we would rotate, what fun this was!

Then we played the gift game. They all sat around the table and took turns rolling the dice. If they got a seven (how old the birthday girl turned) then they got to pick a gift off of the table...or they could take a gift that someone else had already got. This was so fun, all the gifts were good, but most of the girls really wanted a rail twirler.

Sometime during this game, daddy came home.

Then, Piper opened her presents. WOW! She really got great gifts. She got some hair stuff and jewelry. Books. Littlest Pet Shop. A Crainium game. Clothes. Hannah Montana Barbie. She has some really great friends.

After the opening of presents, they all got comfortable downstairs and watched "Matilda."

The first girl left at about 9:30, and the last girl left at about 10:30.

We had so much fun! I would recommend this type of birthday party to anyone who has a little girl.


Marisa said...

What a fun party! Kaylee has started asking me when she can do sleepovers. I'm thinking a "late-over" will have to do for awhile. {She also isn't sure what friends would think when she brought her stuffed dog and two blankies! I asked her if she'd take them to a sleepover and she wasn't quite sure!}

Seesalou said...

great idea. we only do late nights...no sleepovers here! that looks like tons of fun but tons of work!! the decorations & such were adorable. and the movie matilda is such a crack-up!!!

Queen Mother said...

I can't believe our babies are 7. And I have known you for 7.5 years now!

She's gorgeous. Just like her mom!