Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Templeton's Bakery

Actually it isn't Templeton's Bakery, but Dan, the actor that played Templeton in Charlotte's Web works there, so that is what the kidlets call it. It is actually called "Elizabeth's Bakery and Tea Shop."(couldn't find a good link!) And may I just say....we love this place and we highly recommend it. Not to mention, "The London Market" is right next store! It is jammed packed with Candy, drinks, tea and Harry Potter.

Really, what more could you ask for?

Elizabeth's has all you need, such as: Crumpets, English pies, scones, Sarny, Quiche and a variety of teas.

Not only is the food fabulous, but the atmosphere is so fun.

The interior is all brick with tea pots all over, in every little nook and cranny.

The tables are so cute with a miniature vase filled with little yellow flowers in each one.

There is even a little sitting area, that you can sit, drink tea and read.

Aaron had the Cucumber Sandwich, and I had The Ploughman's Lunch with Black Current tea. Oh so yummy.

Piper, my little meat lover had a bacon sarny and she has fallen in love with the Orange Squash Juice that they serve, so then you go next door and buy a bottle. Teague doesn't really like anything, not only at Elizabeth's, but in general, but he had stuff off of every one's plate. Then we go next door and get him some candy. Actually, he really likes the Orange Tango Soda.

On Friday night we went there for a late dinner,

then we spent the rest of the evening at Trolley Square Mall. We spent most of our time at "The Black Chandelier," and at "Cabin Fever." Our favorite stores. Two more stores that we highly recommend.


Valerie said...

I have been to the British store and bought a friend a gift... walked through the bakery but did not get anything because I was in a hurry - too bad for me. Thanks for the reminder that I need to go back to both stores!

Queen Mother said...

Now I know more new places that I need to visit next time I am in Utah!!!