Thursday, April 17, 2008

Call Backs!!!

When I checked my e-mail Tuesday morning, there was an e-mail from the director of the show that Piper auditioned for. She said that Piper had made call backs and that she needed to learn a song. The lyrics and an MP3 were included to help.
Aaron downloaded the song and I wrote the lyrics down for her (our printer is out of toner, and I'm too cheap to go buy more). We gave them to her, she ran up to her room and put the CD in her player and practiced. She practiced until she fell asleep.
Wednesday morning, about 20 minutes before our usual wake-up time, I woke up to the song blasting on Piper's CD player. Of course....she was practicing.
We went to call backs Wednesday night at 6:30. They learned a little dance and had to sing the song while dancing, she did great. Again, it baffles me that she wasn't nervous. She did the dance really well, and sang right on pitch and smiled and everything. We will find out within the week. (I think)
Since I have yet to figure out how to attach music to my blog, I will just include the words to the song. It is really cute.

The Admiral is quite a man. A patriot is he.
He fights the pirates near and far across the deep blue sea.
His strength and wisdom helps us all. His courage does not sway.
He always puts his country first, and bravely shows the way!

He leads us across the deep blue sea
Across the deep blue sea
Across the deep blue sea
He leads us across the deep blue sea
‘Cross the sea he leads merrily

The Admiral is quite a man. He’s honest to be sure
He always does his very best. He is our Admiral Moore.
His leadership is strong and firm. His standards are quite high.
And legend has it that he poked a Pirate in the eye

chorus 2X


Valerie said...

Sounds like a cute play... Piper seems like an enigma to me: her feelings seem very sensitive yet she has no problem putting herself out there in front of others. Such a risk taker, yet so sensitive... what a great little girl!

Karlyn said...

Thank you!

That is the perfect description of my little Piper.