Monday, April 21, 2008

The Memory Keeper's Daughter

The Memory Keeper's Daughter

Only the second book that I have blogged about.

I have read a few books since The Time Travelers Wife that I have really liked, such as; Switching Time and In Cold Blood. Also, I've read some of Sarah Vowell's books and have actually enjoyed them as well.

However this is another one of those books that had me quick. I was very lucky this past week to be able to read during the day, so I definitely took advantage of that and finished this book in only a couple of days.

It all starts on a stormy March evening in Kentucky in 1964. David Henry's wife goes into labor and he ends up performing the delivery in his clinic (he is an orthopedic doctor) with the help of his nurse, Caroline Gill. The delivery went well, a healthy baby boy, Paul. To his surprise, his wife delivers another baby, a baby girl with Down Syndrome. David Henry makes a decision that he thinks will be a good one for him, his wife and newborn son, he asks Caroline to take the baby to a local institution, but she couldn't do it, it was a horrible place. She raises Phoebe on her own.
Meanwhile Norah Henry believes that the baby girl died at birth, that is what David had told her.

This book takes you through the next 24 years of their lives. Unfolding all kinds of family secrets that David was holding on to. Norah had some of her own as well. A page turner, a very good read. I recommend this book to all of you out there.


Let Them Be Little said...

That was a very good book! I found your blog off of Dawn's, I so hope she comes to SLC for a book signing!

Marisa said...

Oh this sounds like a great book. I will have to read it for sure!

Corinne said...

So, I've never tried this one. I don't know what my problem is. You need to join shelfari so I can keep up with what you read!!

sara said...

This book had me too. I read it in just a couple short days, and think back on it often. Such a sad, complex, touching story.