Thursday, April 10, 2008

Another Audition!

Last Night, Piper had an audition for another play. It is called Captain Bree and her Lady Pirates. It is with Youth Theatre at the U. She sang Zippidy-doo-da and they had her talk like a pirate. I wasn't allowed in the room (which I love, seriously, I think it is the best way to audition a child), but I did hear her sing and do her pirate voice. I am very proud of her, she sang beautifully, every note on key. Her pirate voice cracked me up! Especially her "ARGH!"
We don't find out for about a week, but just the experience of auditioning is a huge deal. I'm so proud of her. How can she not get nervous? I don't understand.


Valerie said...

ARGH! Lady Pirates that sing? ARGH!
Good luck Piper!