Friday, June 20, 2008


Yesterday, Teague and I went swimming at the South Davis Rec Center. I ask him at 10:30 if he wanted to go, he said yes, ran upstairs and got his trunks on. We didn't leave our house until 12:20 because public swimming didn't start until 12:30. He wore his goggles the entire time.

He and I went down the huge slide six times. He was very excited about that. We actually spent most of the time in the indoor pools (that is where the slide is). And while we were in the big pool he came up with all kinds of new swimming tricks. Including but not limited to: "The dead fish," "Upside down," & "Throwing."

We had so much fun. Teague kept saying, "That was the best date ever."


CBRushing said...

I found you from you hairdo blog, and I don't why but I was reading it and I said, she has to be LDS. And sure enough I read your family blog and you are! My name is Christa Rushing I'm from North Carolina. I am also LDS, we're in the Monroe, NC Ward. I read that you were from Utah and I have always wanted to move out west ever since I was little girl, but I married a momma's boy who doesn't want to move. But I do have a friend who is in the Ogden Utah spanish mission named Cameron Haslam. Not sure if you live near there but I enjoy reading both of your blogs, my twins aren't old enough for too many hairdo's yet but they will be soon enough.