Tuesday, June 10, 2008


So, I FINALLY found new shoes for Teague. After going about 5 different places, we found some that are his style (he is very particular) and his size. He got a pair of black Converse high tops and a pair of Vans.
We were up at my mom and dad's house and I said to Teague, "Show Grandpa Larry your new shoes!"
So Teague ran over to Grandpa and held is foot up in the air as high as he could so Grandpa could see them.
Then I said to Teague, "Tell Grandpa why you had to get new shoes." I was thinking that he would tell Grandpa that his black Converse with the flames wore out, or that he was growing up so they did fit anymore, but to my surprise, this is what he said.

"Because my old ones were shrinking!"

Then he ran back outside to play.