Wednesday, June 4, 2008

May Days

Finally May is over, and we did tons of stuff that I never got a chance to blog about, so I decided that I am going to do about three posts with pictures and a caption. These pictures are in no particular order, but they are pictures of some of our May activities:

First picture: We got some ice creamSecond and Third: We went to "The Living Traditions Festival", a Salazar Family Tradition, and, it was good this year (it wasn't so good last year).Third picture: I got another haircut.Fourth - ninth pictures: We went bowling. Teague (ironman) won. Piper was Nancy Drew, Aaron was Doc Oc and I was Gus.Tenth picture - A ski ball accident at the Bowling Alley lead us to Instacare.


camille said...

karlyn- I LOVE your hair!!

Valerie said...

You should see Karlyn's hair cut in person... it is sooo cute and so cute for her.

Great May posts.. the skeeball incident must have just happened!