Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Sunday

I actually typed this entry up on the 22, but I was always at work, so I didn't have access to the pictures, so you get it today! I have a couple of other posts from the past couple of weeks too, so keep checking.

Always my most favorite Sunday of the year, the primary program is a close second.

Before 'The Lay Off' I found the kidlets some really great Christmas outfits and I have been looking forward to them wearing them ever since. As you can see, Piper's dress is beautiful and Teague just looks sharp. When I told him how 'sharp' he was going to look he gave me the strangest look and ask, "What the crap does it mean when you look sharp?" Yes, he said crap, he is after all my son. I told him that it meant he would look Really Handsome.

(If you look closely, you will see that we have a rat as part of the nativity scene!?)

(Teague felt like we needed to get a picture of his back since we got one of Piper's)

We were a little bit late for Sacrament, but we did get to sit on a bench (or pew). When I looked over the program I noticed that the primary kids were going to sing "The Nativity Song." I had no idea, I was so excited. I love it when the primary kids sing in Sacrament.

When the kidlets went up, Teague stood front and center (does this surprise you?) and Piper stood right behind him. Piper was so focused, paying close attention to the chorister and singing perfectly. And, she looked beautiful, if I do say so myself! She has such determination to do everything no less than perfect. Teague.....oh my little Teague, did not sing one word of the song, not one! Instead he was pulling faces at the people in the congregation and waving the peace sign, not just once, but during the ENTIRE song.

I wonder if anyone even focused on the song? I was hard not to notice Teague. And I noticed a lot of laughter and I am pretty sure that laughter was directed at Teague. A big part of me was SO PROUD that he was totally being himself! Another, yet smaller, part of me was a little embarrassed, but then again, I shouldn't be, because this is not the first time something like this has happened, in fact here is a list of some of the things Teague has done in church;

*During the Easter program, he was standing in the front row (he may always be in the front row) making fart noises by putting his mouth on his arm and blowing. The whole congregation was laughing. The Bishop came up to me afterwards and said, "You just keep bringing him!" This is not the only time that the bishop has commented on Teague.

*Our little family was sitting on the last row of benches. Aaron was holding Teague on his lap singing softly in his ear (this is what we do when they are a little wound up) Suddenly, Teague yells at the top of his lungs, "Daddy has D..D...Di...Dia....DIAREAH!"

*Our little family was sitting on the first row of chairs, Teague was being so good drawing, he was drawing a picture of a snowman. He finished his snowman and he was so proud, he showed it to me and said, LOUDLY "Mom, look how big his penis is!" I still have this picture in my wallet. It is such a perfect little snowman.....with the hugest penis EVER!

*In his Sunbeam class they were talking about how Heavenly Father and Jesus have bodies just like we do. His teacher told me that she could just see his little brain working, thinking about this, then he looked at her and said, "So Heavenly Father has a penis just like do, because I have a penis, and if his body is just like mine, then he has one too." (or something to that effect)

*In Primary and Sacrament meeting, we sing. I love singing the hymns and so does Piper. I love relearning the primary songs and learning new ones and so does Piper, we both take it very seriously. Teague on the other hand does not take it so seriously. He thinks it is so funny to sing the wrong words to the songs....again, LOUDLY. Not only are they the wrong words, but they are inappropriate words, maybe not inappropriate in the privacy of our own home, or when he is playing, but for church, inappropriate! Fart, Poo, Poop, Poopy, Pooper, Pee, Diareah, Crap, Fartknocker, Butt, Bum, Freakin' etc.....Everyone knows when Teague is singing!

*I ask Teague's Sunbeam teacher how he was behaving in class. She said he is really good, but he likes to say those words (the above mentioned ones), One Sunday when I took Teague up to his class I was having a talk with him, I was telling him that we cannot use bad words in primary. Oh my gosh, the look he gave me was priceless, like I was accusing him of the worst thing ever! Then, in that funny little nasal voice, at the top of his lungs, he said, "AAAAWWWWWWWE!" The adults that were around all started laughing, one, the Elders Quorum President ask, "Did you just tell him not to use bad words?" Yes, yes I did. That is one of my favorite Teague memories.

These are just a few of the many examples of what Teague does or doesn't do during church. I sure do love that little boy! Just think of how boring church would be without him there!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

One good thing about being tagged is that I can do it at work because I don't need to add pictures! And, I will at least have a post. I have a couple of posts waiting to be posted...I need to add pictures, so keep checking! I know I haven't done a post with pictures forever, so for now.......

7 random things - tagged by Candice

...7 things I can do...
Sing - though I don't do it enough.
Act - and I can't wait to do it again, or study it, which ever comes first.
Burp/Belch - I am better than all four of my brothers, and most of my male friends. Piper is better than me.
Customer Service - I believe in it, so I am good at it myself. (when I work)
Eat - As long as I like it, I will eat it, a lot of it.
Drive - I may not be the best driver, but we always seem to be in the car.
Read - I love to read, good books. I only wish I read more.

...7 things I can't do...
Run - I have always had this dream to run a marathon, but whenever I run it kills my knees and I get shin splints, not to mention the exhaustion part.
Sleep - However.....I am getting better at this one thanks to my doctor!
Be Patient - I'm working on it.
Not Gag - when I hear or see anything that has to do with boogers or mucus.
Sit or lay still - There is always some part of my body moving, usually my feet.
Eat Coconut - I hate it, everything about it! The flavor, the texture. YUCK!
Make over easy eggs or Grilled Cheese Sandwiches - Aaron and Piper can.

...7 things I always say...
Hurry, hurry, hurry!
Would you knock it off? You're bugging me!
I'm glad you have the Christmas Spirit, but please, spare the rest of us!

...7 things I always eat...
Seriously? You want me to answer this one? Can't I just put food or candy for all 7?
UhOh Oreos
Chocolate Donuts (from the gas station)
Coke - that's a food, right?
Cold Cereal - the sugar kind - Honey Comb is my fave
Cheese - I like any kind except blue cheese....yuck!
Potato Chips
I ask Piper to help me on this one, I said to her, "What is something that Mom always eats?" She said, "Food." There you have it!

...7 people I tag...


Saturday, December 20, 2008

A Story Problem....

There was a man, he had a job making pretty good money. He had a family - a very cute one - so he had health insurance through his job. He paid about $60.00 a month for this health insurance, which really wasn't a lot, especially since he had the money to pay it.

This man, along with some other co-workers, got laid-off! Not only did he get laid-off, but he didn't get any severance or anything! He did however get to keep his families health insurance through the end of the month.

Now, the important thing to remember here is the man now has NO INCOME, $0.00. Luckily he and his wife have very little debt and some savings. However, the man and his wife want to use the savings to pay the mortgage and utility bills and such, you know, because they probably don't want to lose their house or freeze to death.

The man's wife lovingly figured out what they need to do for health insurance. The 'nice' insurance company sent the family (literally, it was addressed to the entire family) a letter stating that they would LOVE to help the family out for $1,000.00 a month!

Now, for the story problem;

If a man has no income, how does he pay $1,000.00 a month for health insurance?


Why is it that he only had to pay $60.00 a month when he could probably afford to even pay a little more?


Now, it is absolutely no secret that I have a major problem with the American health care system, no secret at all! Just put yourself in my shoes (if you know me well, this won't be hard), and think about how I am feeling about it now. Lot's of bad words are going through my head. Just thinking about it before made me frustrated, but now that it knocks on my front door.......


When Christmas/Western Nut is over, I will be getting a job, but we all know that I am not going to get paid that well, but I will take a small pay for good insurance!

Aaron has a bunch of leads and contacts. We are praying that he will find a job soon. We have found that companies are not hiring right now, in the middle of the holiday season. Maybe after the new year we will have better luck. Keep us posted if you hear of anything.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Luck of the blondes!

When Camille and I were younger, in college, whenever something bad happened or something that we considered bad luck, we would call it "Luck of the blonde's!" I remember my mom getting upset about that, but, we were just being funny.....or so we thought.

Fast forward to today, well actually Monday December 8. I was at the kiosk and I was a little busy, it was about 11:00, Aaron called me, I didn't even say "Hello." I just said, "Hey, I gotta call you back!" Then he said, "I have bad news, so you gotta call!" I said, "okay, I will."

As I was ringing customers up, I couldn't stop thinking about what the bad news could possibly be! I'm sure you have all gone through this before. These are some of the things that I thought of;

Was someone in a car accident?
Did Grandma or Grandpa die?
Did someone have to go to the hospital?
Are all the cousins okay?
Did Aaron lose his job?

As soon as I could, I called Aaron back. He told me that he, along with some other people were laid-off! One third of the company. He would get a paycheck that included all of Monday, but that was it. No severance package, no pay through the end of the pay period, basically no...NOTHING!


There was absolutely no indication of this, everyone was completely surprised. I am still trying to figure out if we have insurance through the end of the month. Aaron has been extremely busy with finals, so this week has been a little hectic anyway, but now with him looking for a job and studying and finishing up papers that are due, it hasn't been fun.

We will be fine, for a short time anyway, but we need to find something, the sooner the better. So if any of you know of anything, please let us know!

Aaron has is Bachelors Degree in Computer Science.
He is four months away from getting his MBA in Technology Management.
He was a Software Engineer/Programmer.

So, is this "The Luck of the blonde's?"

Oh, and if you usually get a Christmas Card from us, sorry, but I won't be sending them this year.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My Husband is THE GREATEST!

So, since my husband is home in the mornings, he has been taking the kidlets to school. When he got home from dropping Teague off, he ask if he could help by packing me a lunch for work! Of course I said yes, anything helps because I am always running late in the morning and if he wouldn't have packed it for me, I wouldn't have eaten lunch!

He told me what he had packed; A peanut butter and jam sandwich, potato chips, a 'couple of treats' and two cokes (in cans). I grabbed his lunch bag that has skulls and flames on it, gave him a kiss (i think...i hope) and ran out the door.

His lunch bag has two sections, the bottom section is where you put drinks because it is insulated. The top section is where you put the food. It was about 10:30, I still hadn't taken my daily pills (i had them in my pocket), that I usually take first thing in the morning and I had a screamin' headache, so I got some Ibuprofen out of my purse and my other pills out of my pocket and got myself a coke out of the bottom section of the lunch bag. I popped my pills and CHUGGED my coke - you all know that I really can down a can of coke quickly. I think it helped wake me up.

I started to get hungry around 12:30, so I pulled out the lunch bag and opened it, I found my sandwich, my chips, some skittles and some whoppers (my treats! Left over from the kidlets trick or treat bags...I don't care, I still ate them, remember? I LOVE candy.) And, I found a note that said the following;

I love you and I hope you have a better day today. Call me later. Not because I have to tell you anything but because I like to hear your voice.

(with the True Love Always sign we all did in elementary school)

Isn't he the greatest?

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Forgot the camera, but.....

try to visualize! Ten little (ages 4-7) Hockey players; a goalie, five on the ice (sorry don't know positions yet) and three sitting out.

The score, Davis County Wind - 16, Golden Spike Wildcats - 0.

Teague is about 4 yards from the goal, the puck is hit right to him, he hits it, and....HE SCORES!!! He looks up at his mom in the stands, holds his stick above his head with both hands, and shouts, 'WoooHooo!'

The score now, Davis County Wind - 17, Golden Spike Wildcats - 0.

Teague then decided, since he scored, that he was done playing, so he started doing 'the fish' - this is when your skates/feet go away from each other and then back together as you skate forward - He was so proud that he was doing it, he wouldn't stop showing his coach! This is when one of his teammates made another goal. Then, he sat out the rest of the game and made 'snow' with his skates. (which was only about 5 minutes.)

The final score, Davis County Wind - 18, Golden Spike Wildcats - 0.

Oh, and, by the way, they don't really keep score, but for some reason the players and the moms do!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

What the crap is wrong with me?

I said in Relief Society the other night that I didn't know what was wrong with me; I've been so emotional lately crying over everything, seriously, I will be sitting here or there or anywhere and suddenly start crying. Getting angry over nothing. Laughing at things that are not funny. Being HOT at night, and for those of you that know me, you know that I am a cold person, I use my electric blanket in the summertime. Losing my patience (okay, that one is normal). Feeling absolutely stressed out, and easily annoyed.

I am way too young to be going through the change and it is impossible for me to be preggers, so you tell me.......

My emotions are all messed up.

I'm off to clean the house! YES! It's true, I am going to clean.

Oh and another thing, did you hear about the lady in Florida that diluted her babies formula, because she was trying to save money? Well, call me crazy, but isn't breastfeeding free? (The easily annoyed part) I know I am going to get crap for saying that, but, o'well!