Sunday, May 24, 2009


I never realized how quickly this day would come. If you would have told me eight years ago that it came this quickly I would not have believed you. Piper was fortunate enough to have the entire baptism program to herself, she is the only March birthday in our ward. We had been planning her program for a long time. She knew that she wanted Aaron to baptize and confirm her and she knew she wanted uncles and grandpas in the confirmation circle. She just had to decide who was giving the prayers and talks, who was going to be the pianist and chorister and who was going to do the musical number. Aaron and I kept throwing out names of people that could do these things. She ask my brother Jordan to be the chorister and his wife, Valyn to play the piano. Of course, she chose songs that most people don't choose, she chose 'If The Saviour Stood Beside Me' and 'When Jesus Christ was Baptized.' She ask her Guitar teacher to do the musical number, but then her teacher ask her to sing and she would play the guitar, they did 'When I am Baptized,' it was so cute. She ask her primary teacher from last year to say the closing prayer and Aaron said the opening. She ask Grammie Annie to give the talk on The Holy Ghost. And, guess who she ask to give the talk on Baptism? Me, yes me. I don't know why she ask me, but she did. It was suppose to be a five minute talk, but I went on and on for like twenty minutes. I was all blubbery and emotional and shaky and nervous, but I did it.

I'm not this tall, I just have on some fabulous shoes.

After, everyone gathered at our house for sandwiches and fun and conversation. I didn't realize that my little house could hold so many people.

It was really fun and I am so glad that everyone was able to make it and that everyone was so willing to help and participate. You all helped make this day a memorable one for Piper. When everything that had to do with Piper's birthday and baptism was said and done, she wrote nearly 40 Thank You notes. I am so proud.

I am so proud of Piper for making this decision, and she made it on her own. Piper is such a great example for her brother and her friends.


RitterB's said...

How exciting! Our oldest Jordan was baptized last year. I too was shocked how quickly the 8 years flew! Isaac our son will be baptized on Wednesday! We are pretty excited around here!

Jen said...

She looks beautiful!