Monday, May 25, 2009

Living Traditions

I think I say it every year, this is our least favorite Tradition. But it made it worth it this year because we ran into Annie, one of our favorite people in the whole world!

And Delores Perez, the paper flower maker, made some flowers for my kidlets for free. Unfortunately for Teague and I, there wasn't any food that we would like, so I ended up getting some fried bananas and Teague got some Corn on the cob, but he accidentally dropped it in the dirt when he was about half done, he was so sad. Piper was happy because there was a shredded pork sandwich, we all know Piper and her obsession with meat. And I think Aaron had the same thing.

Earlier the same day Teague had his last Miss Saigon performance and Piper had her ballet recital so they were extraordinarily tired, but we still hung out for about three hours.