Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Teague is SIX!!!!

I know, I know, he is so little you thought he was 4, but it's true...He's 6.

When he sat on Santa's lap at Christmas, he ask him for a telescope (which he got) and a VIOLIN! We did not know that he was going to ask for the violin, so we had to talk to him about that...he said that he would just wait and ask for it for his birthday. Between then and now he expressed that he might want an Orange Guitar. To me, this seemed like a better idea, for a few reasons: One, it is a lot cheaper than a Violin, and since Aaron still doesn't have a job, cheaper is always better. Two, None of us play the violin, but both Aaron and Piper play the Guitar. Three, I don't know anyone that teaches Violin, but we already have a fabulous Guitar Teacher. Four, I knew exactly where to get an Orange Guitar (or so I thought!) So, I tried to sway his decision toward the Guitar.... He finally decided that he wanted a Guitar, but a Violin was his second choice.

I contacted the same place that we got Piper's pink Guitar, because online it says that the Guitar is available in Orange. He told me he couldn't get it!!!! WHAT? So, I began calling every place that sells Guitars from Ogden to Provo. No one could get the Orange Guitar! I was beginning to stress out a little bit. Luckily Mike, the owner of Murphy's Guitars, didn't stop at telling me he couldn't get the Guitar, he did a little research and called me back and gave me a few options. And this is what we ended up with. Teague was very excited. Piper was excited to start teaching him.

And, look how freakin' cute Teague's half size looks with Piper's three quarter size and Daddy's full size guitars! I mean really, it was worth it just for that!

Piper got Teague a Model helicopter, but he chose to make it into a cool ship instead. I'll get a picture later (or probably not). Aaron and I also got him that awesome shirt.

When Teague got home from school, he helped me make his cupcakes, he did a really great job.

We had Teague's party at Bountiful Bowl. It was an Incredible Hulk theme. He invited eleven of his friends, but only 10 made it. It is so fun to see eleven 5 & 6 year olds bowl! We had 3 teams, 1 with 3 players

and 2 with 4 players.

The 4th team member had to leave early

Here are some pictures from his party. It was really fun.

He is totally posing

Teague is sad in these pictures because his fingers got smashed in between 2 bowling balls

My parents gave Teague a fun water toy, so of course we had to set it up when we got home. And, of course he can't just run through it like a normal child, he has to set it up so he can ride his bike through it.

Happy Birthday Teague!


Tiffany said...

The owner of Murphy's Guitars is in our ward...a great guy!

Jen said...

Mike used to teach my older sister and brother at Viewmont! We use his shop a lot too cuz we have a guitar player too ~~ Cullen!