Friday, May 22, 2009

The Lion House

As many of you know, a lot of little girls in Utah have their 8th Birthday party at The Lion House. I had mine there and I remember going to several that year. If I had a scanner, I would scan the Polaroids from my party, I found them recently, some of the people in them are: Stephanie Cook Collins, Stephanie Place Mercer, Cami Tate (I can't remember her married name), Becky Henriod (or hers) and Emily Pitkin Farnworth.

Thanks to my Mom, Piper was also able to have hers there. My mom kept bugging me to call and schedule her party - this was at Christmas time. We all know what Christmas time is like for me with Western Nut and everything! Finally, my cute mom took it upon herself to make the call and give them a down payment...luckily, because there was only one opening left for that week, the Friday after her birthday. A couple of days after mom scheduled the party, Aaron got laid off. We thought Aaron would have a job by Piper's birthday, but he didn't, so my mom's birthday present to Piper was her entire Birthday Party. I swear, Grandma's are the best.

Piper wanted to invite the world, unfortunately there is a limit at The Lion House. She was so concerned about hurting feelings, not only of friends, but of family members, she cried, I told her to buck up, but Aaron came and explained everything in the way he does and she chose her 11 friends to invite. All were able to come. Piper really has some fantastic friends and her friends have fantastic mothers. We are blessed to be associated with such great people. One mom came to the rescue when I had a miscommunication with another mom about driving, it worked out with no flaws.

The cute lady at the Lion House gave the girls a fun tour that they really seemed to enjoy,

they got to pull taffy

and have some yummy finger sandwiches.

The highlight was playing the thimble game. Did you know that you can hide a thimble in plain view and it is impossible to find?

Of course they ate Cake and Ice Cream. Hannah got the gumball in her piece of cake, I guess that means she will have good luck for a year.

Piper got some really great presents from her friends, they all seem to know Piper very well and knew exactly what to get her. The Lion House gave her a cute little crown and a Porcelain doll. They know the way to a girls heart. I would recommend this party for anyone, even boys would enjoy it. She talked about it for days afterward. And....she thinks it is pretty cool that it is something that we share...Our 8th Birthday party at The Lion House.

My camera battery died, so a lot of these pictures are with my phone.


Corinne said...

Yeah, I had no idea that people had birthday parties there :) Looks like SUPER FUN. Sheely would love that. Someday I have got to get my girl to Utah to get her some Mormon culture :)