Sunday, May 24, 2009

YTU Perfromances

I always look forward to any performance that has anything to do with Youth Theatre. Piper's class did a really cute little performance called "Fur and Feathers" She was a baby Giraffe, and she looked adorable, her hair worked out perfect! I'm so proud of Piper's stage presence! She has such an incredible stage voice and she never breaks character.

Teague's class did "Nancy the Spider and the Moss Covered Rock" The kids took turns playing characters. Teague was very excited when he got to be Nancy. And he was an incredible rock. As soon as Teague got on stage he was flashing the *Rock* sign and yelling 'I rock!' I'm so proud.

And....I can't find pictures! I know I took some, but O'well, if I find them, I will post them.