Friday, May 22, 2009

March 18,2009

I can't believe it either! She is 8. It is so hard for me to realize that I have an 8 year old. She really is an amazing child. How come I am so blessed to have her? I look at her and wonder how I got her.
She is patient, very patient.
She is polite, so polite.
She is so kind.
She is selfless, truly selfless.
She is smart, psycho smart.
I mean really, how could someone with those qualities be mine? But...remember who her dad is!

I love this post that I did last year, I read it often and when I do, I cry. I think this is a perfect description of my little Piper and my feelings for her. All the things I said are still true today. I have watched her grow so much this past year. We have been through a lot. She is so strong, yet so sensitive. She was there hugging me and crying with me the day I found out I had Hashimoto disease - not a big deal, but it took me and my body time to adjust to everything going on, she was constantly asking me how I was and making sure I was okay. She watched Teague through Madame Butterfly with so much pride - no jealousy. She was a strong big sister, not only taking care of Teague, but helping Grandmas with everything, just like an adult would, when Mom and Dad were in China -11 days is eternity to a child. When we pulled the kids from the psycho private school and put them in our neighborhood public school - in the middle of the year - she handled it like a Saint and handled the transition perfectly with no problems at all. She was so strong when we told her that Daddy got laid off - at Christmas time - she just got it, she understood that changes in our lifestyle were going to have to be made and she was okay with it. She turned 8 and made the decision to be baptized. Her faith through all of this has not faltered, it is so strong.

I love you Piper!

Whenever I would ask Piper what she wanted for her Birthday, she would say 'Bendaroos and Blendypens.' Luckily I was able to find both at Walgreens, so that was what Teague gave Piper.

Aaron and I decided to get her some scriptures. We got her a little green quad. She was pretty excited.

Anyway, the pictures were taken by my sweet friend Amy. There are over 50, but I just posted some of my favorites. Aren't they beautiful? Amy did such an incredible job.


Christa said...

awww. is that her baptism day dress? My mom got my pictures done for my special day too. You're kids seem so awesome, I hope my girls grow up like that.

Corinne said...

Beautiful, beautiful girl. This is a really neat post, she will treasure it.