Friday, October 9, 2009

I am a ring person

Everyday I wear my wedding ring,
for obvious reasons.

I LOVE my wedding ring.


Aaron has even ask me if I will ever want a new one.
I say NO WAY!

He can certainly buy me a new diamond ring, but I will always were this ring on my left ring finger...ALWAYS.

I love that my ring is different. It was different the day I got it, and it is still different today. I constantly get comments on it. is SO me.

I mean really, is there another diamond ring out there that you can picture me wearing?
Yeah, I didn't think so.

And besides, look what it stands for. ETERNITY...with Aaron. What's better than that?

Almost everyday I wear my star ring.

I also LOVE this ring.

A few years back when I became addicted to Veronica Mars, I noticed her star ring that she wore during a scene in the opening credits. So, I started searching and found it. Aaron purchased it and Piper gave it to me for Christmas one year. I LOVE stars and I LOVE the way this ring looks on my finger.

I LOVE rings.

Ever since I was a little girl, I have LOVED rings.

Whenever I went shopping with Mom, I would run over to the jewelry counters and look at the rings.

Ask her.

It's true.

So, I have a lot of rings. A lot.

Whenever I find one that I really like, I buy it. Obviously not the expensive diamonds and other gem stones, but you get the idea.

I do have a few (besides my wedding ring) that I cherish.

My pearl ring. My parents gave this to me for my 21st birthday.
Pearls are not only my birthstone, but my favorite stone.

My mother's ring. Aaron and the kidlets got this one for me for Mother's day 2004. Piper's is the Aquamarine (which I think is beautiful). Teague's is the Emerald (not my favorite, but still pretty). I think the two stones compliment each other well.

My Amethyst ring. Aaron got if for me for Christmas 1999. Aaron's birthstone.

And this is the chocolate pearl ring that I got in China. I have matching earrings.

When we found out I was going to China, I told Aaron that all I cared about was getting some pearls from the pearl market. This was the only chocolate pearl ring they had. I LOVE it.

Then, there are several rings that I switch around with my star ring.

I really like all of them.

This bakelite with an Aquamarine is probably next in line after my star.

I am a ring person.
Are you?

1- My wedding ring
2- Rings
3- Costume Rings (less expensive, but still pretty)


Christa said...

I am not a ring person, or any jewelry kind of person for that matter... but I have NEVER taken off my wedding band. I don't mean that I took it off once when I was pregnant, or that I took it off one time when I was cleaning so that doesn't count... no I mean since the moment my husband put my wedding band on my finger on December 3, 2005 it has stayed EXACTLY in the same place... I have taken my engagement ring off, and I have another band that goes on top that I take off, but the ring that says "I'm taken" it will never leave my hand.
I did ask him if I could get a new diamond to symbolize our sealing... well not really new but maybe a wrap or something... he just laughed at me. oh well.

Lia Hunter said...

Yes, I love rings! My mom does too. I'm a jewelry sort of person. Pretty shinies totally turn my head. But my tastes run toward the costume jewelry (art jewelry), not the tame little real gemstones and precious metals. A piece of glass done in an artful way is better to me than a real diamond. I don't value those at all, and really, conflict diamonds and strip mining take out any desire for such things. Leave 'em in the dang earth!

It was fun to look at your stash! Maybe I'll do a photo of my rings soon. I'll be sure to show you. ;)

Steph said...

I really just want the boxes. They were darling! (and the ring with the star on it)