Monday, October 12, 2009

It's no secret

That I have crushes. I've done posts about them. Ever since I did my initial post about crushes, I think of more crushes that I should have included. But then I think it is probably a good thing I didn't include them, because really, I don't want to embarrass myself. (I know, I surprise myself sometimes too!)

There is one crush that Aaron will not let me live down!

At the risk of embarrassing myself totally, I am not going to mention his name. I am 97% sure that he doesn't read my blog, but...there is that possibility.

Back in May without my knowing, Aaron found a great picture of him (with his shirt off and everything!) and put it as my wallpaper on my computer. I got on my computer one morning and of course, it was the first thing I noticed. I started laughing (embarrassed) and yelled upstairs, "Aaron, you big dork!"

He was pretty proud of himself.'s now October. This picture is STILL my wallpaper.

Whenever anything that has to do with this person (Miss Saigon - I just gave you a clue) comes up in conversation...with ANYBODY...Aaron takes it upon himself to make sure that anyone within ear shot hears about how I have a crush on him and how I still have his picture as my wallpaper!!! I get embarrassed.

The other night we (Aaron mostly) had a pretty lengthy conversation about my crush with someone that knows him. Let me just tell you, when it is a conversation with someone that knows him, it is much more embarrassing.

This person actually knows that I have a crush on him...Aaron told him. I knew he told him, but I also knew that I would probably never see him again, so I didn't care.

...What if I do see him again?

1- innocent crushes
2- Aaron's amusement
3- Actually feeling embarrassed
(who knew this was possible?)


**Amy** said...

okay...Now I HAVE to know who your crush is!