Thursday, June 5, 2008

Happy Birthday Camille!

Back in the summer of 1986 Camille Kelly moved into my ward. I knew that she was my age, so my mom came up with this fabulous idea to go over and introduce myself and give her a little gift...a crocheted coat hanger, yes, a crocheted coat hanger for an 11 year old. Now, I can't remember if it was the same day or later in the week, my mom took us to the movie, "The Peanut Butter Solution!" At the old Trolley Theatre in North Salt Lake. She took my older brother Matthew and one of his friends as well, but we certainly didn't sit anywhere near each other.

I guess as the old saying goes, "The rest is History."

Oh, the memories, I fear to go into detail, however I will a little bit. That may not even be a good idea, this may go from PG to PG13! (it could go to R, but I will refrain myself)

Being pulled over: (not just one time, numerous times)
"Oh shit! My Ass is grass."
"What's the problem officer?" (said with a little drawl)
"I'm never lettin' you drive my car again!"
"Oh, nothing, we are just on our way home for the weekend from SUU, listening to Michael McClean."
"Ladies, put your seat belts on!" (little did he know, they didn't work!)
"Speed gets you nowhere fast."
"Oh yeah? Well you can kiss my ass!"

A night out on the town:
"Have a Wiener!"
water balloons
toilet paper
shaving cream
rubbers (condoms) - not used for what they are made for.
"Get your frizzy head back in your car!"
"What's a happenin' hot stuff?
"The condom flies over the moon at midnight!"
Christmas Lights
Patrick the Yell Leader
Burger King Crowns

Collective Soul
Cedar City
"I'm pissin' my pants!"
Dirty Dancing
"Um, your car's on fire."
"Have you seen my potatoes?"
The young adult ward

Here are some memories these are mostly Cedar City memories, we were roomies.

Camille's dad came down to Cedar for a funeral and we all piled in the back of the hearse and he took us to dinner at Shoney's

Camille and I went to the jewelry store on main street and got the top of our ears pierced.

Camille borrowed my car to go tanning. On her way to tanning, she saw a dude having a heart attack, so she pulled over to help, while she was giving him mouth to mouth some dude said to her, "Um, your car's on fire."

I got a Migraine headache. I had to go to the wellness clinic to get a shot in my butt. Luckily Camille was with me, because I barely made it back home.

Getting pulled over on the way home. Demaree was with us. When the officer ask me what was going on, I said, "Oh, nothing, we are just on our way home for the weekend from SUU, listening to Michael McClean."I BAWLED my way out of the ticket. The police officer actually ask me to come and sit in his car with him, I was so scared, but hey, I didn't get the ticket.

Camille tried to make Broccoli soup for home-making.

Camille and I walking (because my car blew up) to Albertsons to buy some groceries, passing Dairy Queen and decided to just eat there instead, then calling Adrian to come pick us up. We were so lazy.

Driving along on Main Street with Camille and I can't remember who else, Camille threw my little guy (that was hugging my rear view mirror) out the window. I stopped in the middle of the street and made her go get him.

Bowling. Every time Camille would bowl, she would do this funny little jump with her foot in the air.

Camille sitting in the hallway right up against the full length mirror to put her make-up on.

Camille was sitting on the bathroom counter curling her hair (why?) and dropping the hot curling iron on her leg, and not realizing she dropped it for like five seconds. She had a huge burn.

Camille had a one on one basketball tournament with Tom (Dem's Tom) because Camille was convinced she could be him. Did she? I can't remember.

Going Christmas Shopping at the Mall in St. George, and on our way home we almost hit a dog! What the crap is a dog doing on I-15 in the boonies?

Camille and I taking pictures of all our roomies while they were sleeping.

Camille and I in the bathroom. Camille on the toilet (pooping). Me on the counter (talking with Camille). We had tons of matches (even though we weren't suppose to). Camille was playing with them, she accidentally lit the toilet paper roll on fire. She threw it to me to put out in the sink. However, I was laughing SO hard, I couldn't turn the water on, so I was holding it under the drippy faucet. Camille was screaming at me to "turn the damn water on!" I finally got it on, and got the fire out.

Again, Camille and I in the bathroom. Camille in the shower (showering). Me on the counter (talking with Camille). Dodd came in, went to the bathroom and then washed his hands. As he was leaving, he said, "Toodles!" Camille responded, "Toodles!"

Camille and I only going to our theatre class on the day of a test. C'mon, it was at 9:00 a.m. that is really early.

Camille and I going to a convenient store with pads stuck on our backs.

Camille wearing the the following to a convenient store: Burger King Crown, Boxers, Huge Boots, a Viewmont Viking Hoody, with a belt.

Camille putting mashed potatoes all over her face and asking Sally, "Have you seen my potatoes?"

Camille and I hanging upside down on our beds passing gas for hours at a time. Oh the joys of being 18.

Camille telling everyone that she was half black

Camille and I going bike riding, me falling off of my bike and Camille laughing so hard that she peed her pants. While she was peeing, she was looking at me saying well barely saying since she was laughing so hard, "I'm pissin' my pants!"

Going down to Red Cliffs (is that what it is called) me jumping off of the cliff because Camille didn't think that I would, and again, Camille peeing her pants because she was laughing so hard. Looking down at me in the water saying, "I'm pissin' my pants!

Driving up to "make-out point" and nailing some dude IN THE FACE with a water balloon, him chasing us back down the hill. We thought we lost him, but we didn't. SCARY.

Driving to L.A. in Camille's un air conditioned car in August. Not so smart on our part.

Anyway, it's been over 20 years and she is still my best friend. Unfortunately she lives in Washington so I never see her. She NEEDS to start a blog. Also, there are so many pictures of us, but I am not organized and I don't even know where they are. I had a hard enough time finding the one from my wedding.



Marisa said...

A crocheted hanger. That is awesome. How fun to see pictures of you and Camille and to read about your adventures together!

The Meier Family said...

Ok, seriously???? How hysterical! I have heard some of these stories, but holy crap! No wonder my dad called you guys the sluts! Such awesome memories! Love it!

Becoming Me said...

What a great blog you have and I just love friend ship posts. Happy birthday to your friend.

Camille said...

Maybe we shouldn't admit it but all this took place without the assistance of drugs or alcohol and you had better believe I'm still using that hanger. Karlyn, thanks for the cute shout out, you've always been such a great friend. Maybe I will start a Blog but first my husband says I need to know how turn on a computer.

Meredith said...

Camille's comment made me laugh almost as hard as your post. I think my favorite story is the roll of toilet paper on fire. Or maybe it's the car on fire. Definitely Camille should not be allowed to be around anything combustible. Happy Birthday to Camille!

AP said...

Karlyn and Camille were CRAZY!!! That made me laugh!