Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Graham Cracker Houses

On Monday, we made Gingerbread houses. I forgot to take action shots, but here are the finished products.

Only the Salazar kidlets would think to make bathrooms/outhouses...


(that's a toilet in there)


(that's Santa sitting on the toilet)

(notice the moon on the outhouse door)


(I did not make a bathroom or an outhouse - for the record)

These are back and side views

1- Graham Crackers (YUM)
2- Candy (DOUBLE YUM)
3- Fun activities with the kidlets
4- Toilets


Tiffany said...

Gingerbread houses: something I would NEVER do with my kids! Merry Christmas!

bottspot said...

That is tooo funny! For the record, the Bott's would do outhouses too -- and include the poop to go with it! :)