Saturday, October 31, 2009

It's a Christmas Miracle!

Some of you may remember the 1985 movie,

Better Off Dead.

At one point in the movie, the quiet, reserved, somewhat strange mother, Jenny Meyer (Kim Darby), was surprised when the glass on the garage door had been replaced.

(it looked kind of like this)

Her response, in her quiet mousey voice, was

"It's a Christmas Miracle!"

For those of you that know me, or Camille for that matter, probably know that this is a common statement that comes out of our mouths. We obviously watched the movie

It just sounds so funny, no matter the season.

So, I found it fitting to say

"It's a Christmas Miracle"

When Aaron got a job!

I also find it fitting to say to Aaron...

"I want my two dollars!"

1- Aaron
2- A Good job
3- Good Benefits
4- Not losing faith (completely)

Friday, October 30, 2009

Is he dead?

If you can,

Go see this!


1- A great professional Theatre close to home
2- Being able to help make some of the costumes (just a little, but still...)
3- Laughing out of my vices!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Little Mermaid

Piper will be in "The Little Mermaid."

Please come.

Here's the link for all the information.

It's the REAL Hans Christian Anderson version, NOT the Disney version.

It's going to be AMAZING.

I will be crewing the show for my production lab.

1- Piper's talent
2- YTU
3- The REAL story of "The Little Mermaid"

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Just so you know

M I D T E R M S ! ! !

stay tuned...

1- school
2- professors
3- a beautiful campus

Friday, October 16, 2009

On the post below

If you can figure out who the werewolf is, I will give you...

(You do realize that I am totally one hundred percent kidding)


1- Nerdy things
2- Halloween stuff

Everybody's doing it!

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Thursday, October 15, 2009

This picture


Every time I see it or think of it, I chuckle!

Obviously, it was the evening of my High School Graduation.

Obviously...I was pissed off. was my mom.
(the only thing missing is the teeth gritting)

Both such
CLASSIC pissed off faces.

This is the face that my kidlets fear!

If this picture would have been taken with a digital camera today... would have been deleted.


1- My mom

2- That I actually graduated

(we were concerned there for a minute...or 2!)

3- That it wasn't 'deleted'

4- That I have no idea what I was so pissed off about

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Back in the day...

Kindergarten through my one year at SUU, I didn't test or quiz well.

I always did well on class assignments and homework.

And I did well in class
(when I went)

I remember staying up late studying for tests in High School.

I remember studying like it was going out of style!
(Now that, my friends, is a very 90's statement)

No matter how hard I studied,

no matter how prepared I was,

I almost always
the test.

I'm older now, and I thought for sure I had outgrown this test/quiz taking phobia.

Guess what?

I haven't!

Luckily so far it has only been quizzes that don't contribute that much to my grade,

I question my answers constantly

I change my answers way too much

I need to

tests are coming...


Wish me luck!

1- That I get to take quizzes/tests
2- Doing well in class & on assignments helps my grade
3- Going to's so fun

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Teague, Piper and I were downstairs the other day. I was sitting in front of my computer trying to do homework, Piper was laying on the couch trying to read and Teague was bugging both of us. This is the conversation that took place;

Mom, how old are you?

Teague, I'm trying to read!


Because you don't look old!

I'm thirty-four.

Teague! Mom is thirty-four and Dad is thirty-five!

Dad is thirty-five?


Yep, he's thirty-five.

And you're thirty-four?



You don't look like you're thirty-four!

Really? Well, how old do I look?


Just so you know...I don't like like I'm fifteen.

Here I am at fifteen.

Here I am at thirty-four.

1- Piper likes to read
2- Teague likes to be an annoying little brother
3- 34

Monday, October 12, 2009

It's no secret

That I have crushes. I've done posts about them. Ever since I did my initial post about crushes, I think of more crushes that I should have included. But then I think it is probably a good thing I didn't include them, because really, I don't want to embarrass myself. (I know, I surprise myself sometimes too!)

There is one crush that Aaron will not let me live down!

At the risk of embarrassing myself totally, I am not going to mention his name. I am 97% sure that he doesn't read my blog, but...there is that possibility.

Back in May without my knowing, Aaron found a great picture of him (with his shirt off and everything!) and put it as my wallpaper on my computer. I got on my computer one morning and of course, it was the first thing I noticed. I started laughing (embarrassed) and yelled upstairs, "Aaron, you big dork!"

He was pretty proud of himself.'s now October. This picture is STILL my wallpaper.

Whenever anything that has to do with this person (Miss Saigon - I just gave you a clue) comes up in conversation...with ANYBODY...Aaron takes it upon himself to make sure that anyone within ear shot hears about how I have a crush on him and how I still have his picture as my wallpaper!!! I get embarrassed.

The other night we (Aaron mostly) had a pretty lengthy conversation about my crush with someone that knows him. Let me just tell you, when it is a conversation with someone that knows him, it is much more embarrassing.

This person actually knows that I have a crush on him...Aaron told him. I knew he told him, but I also knew that I would probably never see him again, so I didn't care.

...What if I do see him again?

1- innocent crushes
2- Aaron's amusement
3- Actually feeling embarrassed
(who knew this was possible?)

Friday, October 9, 2009

I am a ring person

Everyday I wear my wedding ring,
for obvious reasons.

I LOVE my wedding ring.


Aaron has even ask me if I will ever want a new one.
I say NO WAY!

He can certainly buy me a new diamond ring, but I will always were this ring on my left ring finger...ALWAYS.

I love that my ring is different. It was different the day I got it, and it is still different today. I constantly get comments on it. is SO me.

I mean really, is there another diamond ring out there that you can picture me wearing?
Yeah, I didn't think so.

And besides, look what it stands for. ETERNITY...with Aaron. What's better than that?

Almost everyday I wear my star ring.

I also LOVE this ring.

A few years back when I became addicted to Veronica Mars, I noticed her star ring that she wore during a scene in the opening credits. So, I started searching and found it. Aaron purchased it and Piper gave it to me for Christmas one year. I LOVE stars and I LOVE the way this ring looks on my finger.

I LOVE rings.

Ever since I was a little girl, I have LOVED rings.

Whenever I went shopping with Mom, I would run over to the jewelry counters and look at the rings.

Ask her.

It's true.

So, I have a lot of rings. A lot.

Whenever I find one that I really like, I buy it. Obviously not the expensive diamonds and other gem stones, but you get the idea.

I do have a few (besides my wedding ring) that I cherish.

My pearl ring. My parents gave this to me for my 21st birthday.
Pearls are not only my birthstone, but my favorite stone.

My mother's ring. Aaron and the kidlets got this one for me for Mother's day 2004. Piper's is the Aquamarine (which I think is beautiful). Teague's is the Emerald (not my favorite, but still pretty). I think the two stones compliment each other well.

My Amethyst ring. Aaron got if for me for Christmas 1999. Aaron's birthstone.

And this is the chocolate pearl ring that I got in China. I have matching earrings.

When we found out I was going to China, I told Aaron that all I cared about was getting some pearls from the pearl market. This was the only chocolate pearl ring they had. I LOVE it.

Then, there are several rings that I switch around with my star ring.

I really like all of them.

This bakelite with an Aquamarine is probably next in line after my star.

I am a ring person.
Are you?

1- My wedding ring
2- Rings
3- Costume Rings (less expensive, but still pretty)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Worst mistake EVER!

Jennifer Grey's nose job!

This is what she said about it....

"I went in the operating room a celebrity - and come out anonymous. It was like being in a witness protection program or being invisible."

Well duh!! YOUR NOSE is what made you famous!

1- Movies before the nose job
2- Realizing it's okay to look different
3- The 80's

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Oh Johnny

You are the only man I know of that can make smoking look so damn sexy!

1- I heard he quit!!!
2- Johnny Depp
3- His talent

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


This is not the best picture quality wise, but seriously....Isn't she gorgeous?

1- That hair
2- Those eyes
3- That smile
4- That girl

Monday, October 5, 2009


This is Spite!

He is Piper's new pet spider.

Yes, my little girl that is pretty girlie has no problems catching spiders. The dead moth that she found for him to eat grossed her out more.

It's actually pretty neat, he has spun some pretty nifty webs, but it is hard to get a picture of them.

This pet...stays outside!

1- Piper
2- Bug catchers
3- Girlie girls that like bugs