Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas Ballet

At Christmas time, The Bountiful School of Ballet invites parents to attend class.

The girls do the stuff that they normally do in class,

then they perform a little Christmas number.

I LOVE this.

Most of these girls have been dancing together since they were 3.

1- Bountiful School of Ballet
2- Miss Megan
3- Miss Susan
4- Good friends

For those of you that know my Mother-in-law,

It will come as


that she





She took pictures of it

and she shows them to



1- Annie
2- Her favorite word
3- Yummy cake

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Pretty much sums it up!

My Sisters-in-law


1- Gina

2- Angela

Jingle Bells

She really, really wanted to sing a Christmas Carol on Christmas Eve with Aaron's family. All of us were too lazy to really do anything about it, so she went in the other room, figured it out (no music) and then came back and played and sang it for us...


Oh, and by the way, that is my nerdy husband!


1- Her pink guitar

2- That she plays by ear

3- Her beautiful voice

4- Her determination

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

All tuckered out!

He fell asleep while watching 'Elf' on his ipod.

At Aunt Val's house Christmas night.

1- Elf
(because it is hysterical)

2- Teague sleeping
3- Aunt Val

The Aftermath...

of Christmas Morning!

1- Kids that sleep in
2- Christmas morning
3- Getting exactly what they wanted

Monday, December 28, 2009

Our best Christmas Present

Actually came a couple of weeks ago,

but it is ''official official'' this morning

at 9:00!

Aaron starts his new job...

...for the LDS church!


1- DREAM jobs
2- Patience
3- The Church

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Sunday 2009

My favorite Sunday of the year.

I got a MAJOR KILLER deal on the kidlets outfits. I am very pleased with how they look.

Teague was really concerned about wearing khakis with a black shirt, but I think it looked nice. Once we got him all dressed, he felt handsome. I wish you could see his black, grey and orange skull socks!

We spent a total of 3 minutes deciding how to do Piper's hair on Saturday night. When we did it on Sunday it took about 5 minutes (this is awesome, a quick cute hairdo!) It was in a low bun with hair hanging out on top, then the scarf (that came with the dress) was twisted, then wrapped around her bun.

I just LOVE this picture of them.

1- Christmas Outfits
2- Christmas Sunday
3- Singing Christmas music at church

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Sugar Cookies

On Tuesday we made Sugar Cookies.

The kidlets were great, they put all the ingredients in the bowls and mixed them all by themselves...until it got too hard, so I took over.

They rolled the dough out themselves.

Cut cookies themselves.

About halfway through the cookie cutting, they were done. So...I finished.

1- CUTE cookie cutters
2- CUTE kidlets
3- Yummy soft Christmas Sugar Cookies

Graham Cracker Houses

On Monday, we made Gingerbread houses. I forgot to take action shots, but here are the finished products.

Only the Salazar kidlets would think to make bathrooms/outhouses...


(that's a toilet in there)


(that's Santa sitting on the toilet)

(notice the moon on the outhouse door)


(I did not make a bathroom or an outhouse - for the record)

These are back and side views

1- Graham Crackers (YUM)
2- Candy (DOUBLE YUM)
3- Fun activities with the kidlets
4- Toilets

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

YTU Winter Performaces

I know that you all know my feelings about YTU,

so I won't bore you.


I will say, they did such a good job, I am so proud.

Teague's class did
"Joseph had a little overcoat."

Piper's class did
"What goes on in here?"
A collection of Shel Silverstien poems.

These are pictures of them with their teachers

and one with Penny, the artistic director of YTU.

Oh, and just a little side note... Teague DOES have a fat lip in these pictures. After the performances he thought it would be funny to tie his scarf around his ankles. Needless to say, he fell flat on his face!

1- Miss Kelby
2- Miss Jamie
3- Miss Penny

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas Cards

Last year I didn't send out Christmas cards because of the lay off, but I still got TONS in the mail...TONS!

This year I have only received a few Christmas cards, is this because I was taken off of the Christmas card lists for not sending cards last year?

Unfortunately, I am not sending out Christmas cards this year either, because of the after effects of the lay off, I mean Aaron was unemployed for 11 months and just recently started work again. I'm still penny pinching, and...I want my kidlets to have a good Christmas, so I decided not to send them again. It does get kind of expensive.

So, my question is...

Am I going to get very few cards again next year because I'm not sending this year?

I LOVE getting Christmas cards from friends, it is something that I look forward to every year, so please, send me one if you have in the past! I promise I will get one out next year.

I will post a cute Christmasy Family picture on the blog to make up for it this year!

1- Christmas cards
2- Employment
3- Friends

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Umbilical Hernia

I was born with one, BUT, of course my mother took NO pictures! Heaven for bid her child is born with a birth defect, that she actually has proof of! She use to tape a fifty-cent piece over it so it wouldn't poke through my clothes. I had mine fixed at nine months. Apparently the doctor told my mom that when I was an adult it would look like a Rose Bud...Trust doesn't. It looks sorta like the top of a deflated balloon. And, I have a cute little scar underneath my bellybutton from the surgery.

Piper was born with one. We took pictures, it was cute.

(taken the night before surgery)
She had hers fixed when she was three. Insurance considers it cosmetic after three, and her doctors said that if it didn't fix itself by then, it wouldn't. It looks really cute, almost like a normal bellybutton. She doesn't even have a scar.

(Sorry about the crappy picture)

Teague was born with one. We took pictures, it was strange.

(taken the night before surgery)
Teague's was much bigger than Piper's. When he was one, I was holding him and noticed that it was hard, so I called the doctor to see if that was wasn't. He informed me that what was happening was called strangulation and he needed the surgery right away. He had it shortly after that. He doesn't really have a bellybutton, his was so big, the surgeon kinda had to cut it off and sew his tummy together, so he has a straight scar for a bellybutton, it's cool.

(Again, sorry about the crappy picture)

I have to say, and I think Aaron will agree, that I miss those bellybuttons! They were SO fun to play with, so soft. And...they made GREAT noises when we squeezed them.

All the doctors said that it isn't hereditary/genetic. But I honestly question that!

Here's a link if you are interested, it's very short and easy to read.

When people ask me or my kidlets if we have innies or outies...well, we can't really answer because we have neither!

1- bellybuttons
2- good doctors


You may have noticed some of the Chinese comments that I am getting on my blog...


It bothers me.

A lot!

I'm trying to figure out if I can block them and not you!

Any of you know how?

I don't want to go private!

I've had the blog for awhile now,

like three years or so!

Not once have I had any problems!

I have a stat counter that I check up on regularly and

NEVER have I had any suspicious activity.


I'm so frustrated, but I will keep you posted.

1- You good people
2- Blogging

Monday, December 7, 2009

We have elves!

Amelia and Chester came to our house last year too!

Santa Claus sent them to keep an eye on the kidlets.

Apparently, they report back to Santa and let him know if they are good or bad.

Sometimes, they bring prizes or treats!

Last year, they even brought a Nativity Scene
(they did the 12 days of Christmas with it).

The kidlets wake up in the morning and search the house for them, they have been in the shower, on the chandelier even on the banisters! It's kind of fun.

Here is a picture of them with the prizes that they have brought the kidlets so far this year.

Pez Dispensers, Advent Calendars, Lemony Snickets "The Lump of Coal" and Gel Widow decorations.

1- Good kidlets
2- Amelia and Chester
3- Fun prizes

Saturday, December 5, 2009

My FAVORITE pants...EVER...

What to do, what to do.

I have this pair of pants that I LOVE.

They have been with me for a couple of years now.

I probably wear them much more often than I actually should, but that's how much I LOVE them.

In fact, I probably have them on in most of the pictures that are taken of me...that's pathetic.

I do LOVE them.

They have been with me at my HEAVIEST time.

They have been with me at my SKINNIEST time.

They are wearing out.

They are SO worn out, let me show you:

(this is them from the front, I also have on my favorite shoes...BTW)

(this is them from the back, I LOVE that they are long)

The first thing that happened was this:

The little hooky thingys broke...ON BOTH SIDES...I just tied the 'belt thing' in a knot around the remaining part of the hooky thingys. I was good to go!

Then this:

There use to be some of that ribbon/belt stuff hanging from the snaps. day Teague grabbed them - while I was sitting down - as handles while he was leaning back, the ribbon/belt stuff snapped right off...OF BOTH SIDES...and Teague fell on his butt, with them in his hands. I was sad (for my pants, not Teague, it served him right).

Then this:

I was walking along and my phone fell on the ground. That's right! It fell out of this huge hole in my pocket right on to the ground! I was sad (for my pants, not so much for my phone since I drop it all the time anyway!).

Then this:

I do understand that this is a picture of my ARSE. This hole started out like the one on my left cheek...but just got bigger and bigger and bigger. So, I tried to safety pin it!
That's my underwear that you see.

And now, this:

The belt/ribbon thing just ripped right in half so it no longer wraps around the hooky thingy!

I should probably retire them...I just can't.


Because, for the record, I WILL continue to wear them whether you like it or not. I will wear them until they literally fall off of my body! SO, you gotta help me figure something out.

1- Favorite pants
2- Skinniest times

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Come on ladies!!!

Just because Oprah

"...quit wearing one years ago,"


There are reasons that slips are necessary to wear under skirts and dresses! Why they were invented.

Would you like me to tell you a few?

Okay...I will

* When I look at your cute dress or skirt, I don't like to see your panties or their lines! Suddenly your skirt isn't as cute as it could have been.

* Nor do I want to see the silhouette of your legs.

* When the sun shines down directly on your pretty little self and you're wearing a cute light colored springy/summery skirt...I can see
Not just your panties and their lines and the leg silhouettes, but
And honestly, I don't want to see

* I think it is UGLY when your skirt or dress goes in between your legs! You are not wearing culottes or gauchos, if that's the look you were going for, then just wear culottes or gauchos!

* And besides, it's distracting and annoying when you are constantly pulling your skirt out from between your legs. You are only drawing attention to the fact that you are NOT WEARING a slip!

When you DO wear a slip, there are no pantie lines, nor can I see them!

When you wear a slip, I don't see the silhouette of your legs!

When you wear a slip and the sun shines down on your pretty little self, I don't see EVERYTHING!

When you wear a slip, your skirts and dresses will not go in between your legs! They will hang beautifully like they were meant to hang!

Some excuses I've heard for NOT WEARING a slip are;

* Too much static electricity.
-Really? Please. Just get some handy dandy "Static Guard." I have had the same can since I got married (nearly 13 years). It lasts forever. works.

* They're uncomfortable.
-Really? How much do they weigh? Like...less than the smallest measurement of weight? Do you really notice that you are wearing one? Sorry, not a good excuse. And, wouldn't you feel more comfortable if you look better?

* They get all twisted up.
-Solution? Get one that fits. And if they are twisting up because of static electricity...Static Guard.

* Oprah hasn't worn one in years.
-Well Oprah has millions and billions of dollars and nobody really cares whether or not she wears a slip. But, you will notice her skirts go in between her legs often, and it looks stupid. And, who said that Oprah was in charge of the world?

Oprah did say to get a bra fitting. THIS, I agree with!
Why are you all

I know that some skirts and dresses are made so a slip isn't necessary...I still wear a slip - I'm a little psycho, I know that - I feel more comfortable. I also know that some skirts are so insanely short you literally can't wear a slip - I choose NOT to wear those skirts, and in my should probably choose not to wear those skirts also! Some dresses and skirts actually have a slip built in, okay, it might be okay not to wear a slip with those, but I still do, because the slips that are built in seem to go in between my legs and it bothers me.

So, I guess what I am saying is

Unless you ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY do not have to!

And, go get a bra fitting, really, it will make a world of difference.

2-A good fitting bra
3-Cute comfy skirts
4- That it isn't necessary to wear a petticoat, corset etc.!

Saturday, November 28, 2009


Is that even a word?

Well, it is in Teague's language.

He uses it a lot.

Like, when something "SUCKS."

I've told him I don't like it...several times.

He doesn't care.

Need I remind you of his stubbornness?

At least it isn't the "Shhh Word."

I guess.

1- His stubbornness
2- His strange language
3- The way he says it
(unfortunately it is very cute)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


...has an udder?

I am SO confused.

Is anyone else as confused as me?

HE is a BOY and HE has female parts?

1- Normal cartoons

Monday, November 23, 2009

Teague drew this picture...


I'm so proud!

1- Creativity
2- Sacrament Meeting
3- A good laugh