Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Many have asked

But I have not answered!


It's not that I am ignoring you, it's just not something you want to say NO! to over and over and over and over again...We've been saying NO for nearly TEN LONG MONTHS!

It's getting old.

Do you realize we could have conceived, carried and birthed a baby by now? Which by the way is impossible.

NO! Aaron does not have a job yet. He has had several interviews...several. A few times it has come down to 'him and the other guy,' and for some reason they choose 'the other guy.' I'm starting to think it is SO MUCH WORSE to get that far....then SHOT DOWN! Than it is to just not interview at all.

Yeah, it's worse.

This hasn't been easy.
No question there.
*Unemployment only lasts until the first of December (luckily...when we first got it, it was only good until June)
*It's hard to see a husband that has worked his butt (I really want to use a different word - ass) off for years going to school so our future will only be better, when really it is looking...not so hot.
*It's hard to have to tell the kidlets NO! over and over and over because we can't afford it right now.
*It's hard to go to school everyday knowing that I am doing something I have wanted to do forever and that I am LOVING it, while he is trying to find a job.
*My nagging has got to be getting old for him.
*It's hard to see my husband feel like he isn't contributing, when that's all he wants to do.
*It's hard to sleep at night.
*It's hard pay my tithing week after week and my Fast offering monthly.
*It's hard to fast and not see results.
* It's even getting hard to pray (something that has always come easy for me)
*Honestly, it's getting hard to keep my faith.

I mean really! How much time has to pass? What lesson is it that we have to learn? How many times do we have to get shot down?

Do you realize that my husband is a fabulous person? A loving father and husband? A hard worker? Hysterical beyond words? Smarter than anyone I know? and more? He also has a freaking MBA. I just felt like I had to throw that out there.

Sorry this is such a downer, but sometimes, you just have to get it out before it EXPLODES!


Software Developer 37042 position, with the Scient Comp & Imag Instit-Oper at the University of Utah a position that he applied for in August. His resume/application has been forwarded to the hiring department for consideration (on Sept. 3). They say the process can take A FEW WEEKS OR LONGER! I know...freakin' crazy.

And, since we are now in the 21st century, there are no phone numbers he can call, no other information than "your application has been forwarded to the hiring dept. for consideration."

This is where all of you come in! Any of you know anybody in this particular dept at the U?

Or really anything for that matter?

It's not only the U that sends out e-mails like this with no other information! It's also the VA Hospital, Primary Childrens, ARUP pretty much all jobs. Really, it sucks.

Aaron and I and our families are not the type of people that "know" people...if you know what I mean by that. We are now in a situation where we are wishing we had a prominent uncle, father or even friend. We are wishing we had connections.

I'm hoping that maybe YOU DO.

1- A good family
2- A good ward
3- Wonderful friends
3- KNOWING THAT IT IS IMPOSSIBLE for him to be unemployed FOREVER!


Christa said...

I'm so sorry that you guys are having to deal with all of this, and for nearly a year now. I'm gonna call John today, and have him ask his dad if he knows of anybody who can pull strings, or make loopholes disappear, or appear (whichever works in your benefit). I don't know if he is a person who knows people, but it can't hurt asking.
I know this might sound crazy and not like your situation at all, but Chase went to school to be a fire fighter. He was on a volunteer station for 8 years, he applied to the local paid fire department EVERY SINGLE TIME they had a hiring. He applied to the much larger Charlotte Fire Department, EVERY SINGLE TIME they had a hiring. He got all the way to the final interviews, and was never hired. He cried many tears over not being able to get the better paying job that being a firefighter would have been. One day he got offered a job doing really hard work, that meant he wouldn't be home as much, but it had potential to move up and make more money. He started that job the day he was supposed to go take his entrance exam for the fire department. Now he's moved up, TWICE (in a year) and makes about double what he would have being a fire fighter.
I guess what I'm saying is hold out hope. Heavenly Father knows what He's doing. All these other jobs might have made him miserable, or they might not have been enough. They might have been for companies that wouldn't have appreciated him and all the hard work he's put into his education and his career. Whatever the reason, know Heavenly Father will continue to look out for your family, and he's proud of you for obeying the law of tithing. That alone puts my mind at ease that your family will be okay.

Corinne said...

I'm just really really sorry you are going through this. So sorry. I know that all kinds of consulting places and NSA are hiring out here right now - but I don't know if you'd want to move THAT far away.

Queen Mother said...


It's a different type of trial, but I had a hard time having faith during infertility. I was so angry. At myself, at God, at everyone. It was only after it was over that I saw the reasons.

Would you be willing to move? My husband's company is hiring and they hire computer guys - they have a really large department. The job would either be here in Denver or in Houston. Let me know - I never mentioned it before because A.) Didn't know what type of work Aaron does and B.) Wasn't sure if you'd be willing to move.