Tuesday, September 29, 2009

NPR and Oldies

When I am driving to school in the morning, I generally listen to "Radio from Hell on X96 with Kerry, Bill and Gina" (you like how I included the entire title?). Mostly because I am not ready for music yet, with it being morning and all. But, when it ends I will switch over to NPR, 90.1 and listen to "The Diane Rehm Show."

On the drive home I listen to either "Fresh Air" or "The World." On Fridays, "Science Friday." Sometimes the things that are being talked about don't interest me, or I am already bored of the subject.


I switch it over to "Oldies 94.1." OH MY GOSH! I use to like to listen to it because they played the music that I loved from the 60's (that's 'oldies' right?) and 70's (sorta old) But, I was driving along singing to the songs that were popular when I was in Jr. High School and High School!!! U2, Erasure, David Bowie. (those are not oldies right?) I did a double take. I looked down at the radio to make sure that I was indeed listening to an "Oldies" station. YES I WAS!!!

What does this mean? Really, I want to know, because...


I do not live in a retirement community. I do not have grand kids. I don't wear black socks and white shoes. I do not have blue hair. I don't even use a cane.

How do you feel when you hear the songs of your youth on an OLDIES station?

1- Talk Radio (this may indicate that I am old!)
2- Radio from Hell (this may indicate that I am young!)
3- Oldies songs (Even if they are from my youth)


Tiffany said...

My husband loves NPR. I think it would bore me. As for the oldies station, I have noticed the SAME thing. Are they really considering 80's music oldies???

Queen Mother said...

No NPR here. I prefer Glenn Beck and Rush. LOL

Our radio station has "Flashback Fridays" and they play PEARL JAM. My favorite band from junior high and high school, is now considered a FLASHBACK.

I feel ya girl.