Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I do not "mist....."

Nor do I "glisten," "glimmer," or "sparkle!"

Unfortunately I SWEAT... a sow.

I hate it, but it is true!

The thing I HATE MOST about living in Utah is our incredibly HOT summers. I literally HATE them. However, this year's wasn't so bad. But I still sweated...

Wait, is that even a word?

I still sweated bad. In fact, I am still sweating bad...especially walking back and forth to class on campus! ARGH!!!

1- Cooler weather
2- Rain and Snow (even though I still sweat)
3- A campus to walk back and forth to class on


Christa said...

you have not felt HOT until you come here! It is ridiculous! The humidity alone can kill you! I sweat like a pig too. It's awful!

Aaron said...

Honestly, Karlyn has made it sound like she is super gross. I assure you all, she does not sweat that much. In fact, I rarely notice unless she has been working out or it is super hot outside. I think it is just that sweating is supposedly not "girlie" and so she feels as though it is buckets o' sweat. I've seen people that sweat more than their share and this is not her.

Proof: She and I have been married for 12 years. If she sweats as much as she says there would be a lot less romance in our relationship. ;)

Jen said...

Aaron . . . that is cute! Karlyn, I SWEAT too! Always have, Always will, Always HATE IT! You come up with any magic cure, PLEASE share it with me!