Tuesday, September 22, 2009


A new queen sized box spring and mattress
A new washer an dryer
New carpet throughout the house
A new pocket door in my bathroom
A bedroom door that doesn't get stuck
A new shower floor in Aaron's bathroom
A new dishwasher
A new stove and oven
A new microwave
A new refrigerator
A new computer for Karlyn
A new television that isn't HUGE
Freshly painted walls
A cleaning service at least 2 times a month

Unfortunately...NONE OF THE ABOVE

1- beds to sleep in
2- working appliances (even though they aren't the best)
3- kidlets & husband that make my house...
4- ...a home


Tiffany said...

You have a fabulous attitude. Is your husband still job searching?

Jenny in Utah said...

Ditto all of the above except the huge TV ... we're okay with our little 17 incher!

Jen said...

Amen . . . but if you happen to find these things for FREE . . . don't keep it a secret?!

Alison said...

Too funny! You need a honey do list and if the honey doesn't do, do it yourself!
1. sand bedroom door down and adjust to fit.
2. caulk or regrout shower floor.
3. paint walls
4. take turns cleaning w/hubby ie. you do yard and he does house or just clean the house every other week.
5. Buy new sheets and flip the mattress over.
6. Rent a carpet cleaner and shampoo rug.
7. Clean your appliances so they look brand new.
8. Put television behind doors so it doesn't look so huge.
9. Get a new hard-drive or other add-ons to make your computer more likable.
10. Be patient with that pocket door, it just needs a little TLC.