Friday, September 4, 2009


We all know that I have about a Billion and nine pet peeves. However, there are really only two things in this world that cause me anxiety. Sometimes I really do have a panic attack right there and then. What are these two things you ask? Well, this is hard for me because just thinking about them, I am starting to sweat and breathe heavily, but here goes....

First...and the worst...Traffic!

I seriously CANNOT handle stupid drivers. I will leave it at that, because if I don't, this may turn into the worlds LONGEST post.

Second...baggers! That's right, the baggers at the grocery store.

Honestly people, how hard is it to bag groceries? It is all I can do to not jump behind the freaking counter and do it myself. Plastic bags are the worst. It is possible to put more than ONE thing in them!! Oh, oh, oh, but now, the reusable bags!!! It's a foreign object to them....again, we don't want this to turn into the worlds LONGEST post.

So, there you have it.


1- Good driving days

2- Good baggers

3- It's okay to say a bad word (or a few) every once in awhile


Christa said...

I know the lady at the store rolled her eyes when I handed them my reusable bag full of more reuseable bags the other day. I said out loud, "what you thought I ws going to pay 50 cents a bag and not use them ever again?!" And they hate when I hand them my hot/ cold bag. Like it's so hard to distinguish between things that are non-perishable, things that need to stay cold, and things that need to stay hot.
Here's a clue, when you pick it up and it's goes in the hot bag, if it's cold... it goes in the cold bag. If it's the same temperature as the room you're standing in, just put it in a regular bag.

**Amy** said...

Hilarious! And Christa's comment too!

Tiffany said...

So with you on the baggers. In fact, most people know that when my children are all in school, I want to go to the local grocery store and be a bagger for a few months. I would be a DAMN GOOD ONE!!!!! I know how many things can go in a bag and what goes with what.... (You should never have got me started...I feel a post coming...)

ermakaluso said...

I am with you on both of those...but especially the bagging. I think Tiffany and I have special training since we worked at Winegar's together. (Tiff- Maybe I should move back once my kids are in high school and we can work together again? ) The worst baggers are at Target. They put one pack of paper towels in its own bag. Huh? They look at me like I'm crazy when I say I don't need a bag. The best baggers are at Trader Joe's. I'll go there just for decent bagging AND when you bring your reusable bags, they ding a bell and you enter a drawing for the week! Great post, Karlyn!