Sunday, September 13, 2009

15 People in 15 minutes

Awhile back this was floating around on facebook. I was tagged a couple of times, but this is the tag that got me thinking:

"What is the best thing about 12? she's honest . . . no guessing how she feels"

I liked this answer. It made me smile.

A few days later someone came up to me in church and ask "How are you doing?" My response was, "Tired, but other than that, I am doing great, thanks for asking, how are you?"

Honestly, I don't remember the ladies response to me! I couldn't stop thinking about the response I gave her!!

"she's honest . . . no guessing how she feels"

**Do people really want to know how I feel? Do I really need to be honest about everything? I could have just said, "Fine thank you, how are you?" But I didn't!**

Ever since I was young, I have had NO problem speaking my mind, expressing my opinion...putting my foot in my mouth! It's the way I was raised. It's the way my parents and my brothers taught me to be, it's the way I had to be to survive! However, I have learned to control it a little more as I have gotten older. There are some things that I don't talk about on my blog or on facebook (like politics) because I know it will cause controversy. For those of you that I am friends with on facebook, you know that I have caused some controversy about things that I feel very strongly about. Friends have disagreed with me, tried to sway me. I don't think any differently of them, nor do I think of them of less of a friend, we all have our opinions right? I am totally okay with that. I am comfortable with that.

The question is...Are you?

1- Being myself
2- Expressing my opinion
3- It's okay to have 'Foot in Mouth' disease sometimes


**Amy** said...

I think it takes confidence to admit what you are thinking and feeling. I like it! Don't quit. If someone doesn't really want to know how you are doing then they shouldn't ask. Thanks for the links via facebook. Those look awesome! I am always looking for ideas!

Christa said...

ok officially wierd now.
I tell people "I'm tired, but fine" at church literally EVERY SINGLE SUNDAY... because I am always tired on Sunday. I have to wake up early, actually make myself look nice, plus my kids, I'm pregnant, and I can't wait for next January, because we'll start going in the afternoon again, which will mean an extra hour or two of sleep... oh wait I'll have a new baby... never mind!

Queen Mother said...

I think you already know, per my constant jabbering on Facebook and my own blog, that I am an unapologetic loudmouth. In fact, I even have a warning on my facebook page. LOL

So yeah, ok with it.